28 December 2011

The Blues Room # 309 Blue Before Christmas

Episode 309, 21 December 2011

1. The Soul of John Black - Santa Claus Needs Some Lovin'
2. The Blues Buffet - Cold Turkey for Christmas [NZ]
3. The Flaming Mudcats - I Wait For You [NZ]
4. Seasick Steve - Christmas Prison Blues
5. The Thomas Oliver Band - No Sign Of You [NZ]
6. Mark Hummel - I Just Keep Lovin Her
7. Tip of the Top - One Way Out
8. Tip of the Top - She's Fine
9. Tip of the Top - Slidin' Home
10. Tip of the Top - My Babys Gone (And I Feel Good)
11. Keb Mo - The Christmas Song

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14 December 2011

The Blues Room # 308 Counting Down 2011

The Blues Room#308, 14 December 2011

Music released during 2011. Part 1 of 3.

1. Seasick Steve - Levee Camp Blues
2. Mixndorp - Fee Fi Fo Fam
3. Booker T Jones - Down In Memphis
4. Memphis Gold - Pickin in High Cotton
5. Grana' Louise - Learning How to Cheat On You
6. Big Pete feat. Kim Wilson - Act Like You Love Me
7. Keb Mo - We Call It Christmas
8. Big Daddy Wilson - Way Back When
9. Tracy Nelson - Stranger In My Home Town
10. JP Blues - Love Her With a Feeling
11. George Thorogood - Chicago Bound

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8 December 2011

The Blues Room # 307 Keb Mo

New music from Keb Mo blended with some of his older stuff in this epiosde. Done your Christmas shopping yet? Nah, me neither! Releases from 2011 over the next few episodes.

... RIP Hubert Sumlin ...

The Blues Room # 307, 7 December 2011

1. Hubert Sumlin - The Last Boogie
2. Hubert Sumlin - I'll Be Home On Tuesday
3. Keb Mo - The Whole Enchilada
4. Keb Mo -, Lee Ritenour & Taj Mahal - Am I Wrong
5. The Dixie Chicks with Keb Mo, Bonnie Raitt and John Mayer - I Hope
6. Keb Mo - It Hurts Me Too
7. Keb Mo - Crush On You
8. Keb Mo - Something Within
9. Keb Mo narrates the acclaimed 2003 PBS series Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues
10. Keb Mo - Shopping On Christmas Eve

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1 December 2011

The Blues Room # 306

"Go get yourself a copy of Fiona Boyes newest album, 'Blues For Hard Times'. It will lighten any heavy load you might be called to bear AND it will confirm that she is one hell of a blues woman. I love it!" - Nate Taiapa, The Blues Room

"I ain’t never heard a woman finger-pick a guitar like that since Memphis Minnie.She’s the best gal guitar player I heard in more than 35 years."
- Delta pianist & Blues Hall of Fame Legend, ‘Pinetop’ Perkins

'She’s got it …. you know what I’m talkin’ about, she’s got it! I’ve played with all the great players, and she’s got it! '- Legendary guitarist with Howlin' Wolf, Hubert Sumlin

Epiosde 306, 30 November 2011
1. Seasick Steve - Write Me A Few Lines
2. Eddie Turner - Booty Bumpin'
3. William Clarke - Drinkin' Straight Whiskey
4. Champion Jack Dupree - When I'm Drinkin'
5. Jimmy Rogers with Kim Wilson - Sloppy Drunk
6. Fiona Boyes - She Could Play That Thing
7. Fiona Boyes - High Time
8. Fiona Boyes - Grandma's Advice
9. Fiona Boyes - I Let The Blues In
10. Keb Mo' - Jingle Bell Jamboree
11. Daisy Kitty and Lewis - Paan Man Boogie < HOT!

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25 November 2011

The Blues Room # 305 Drunk with the Blues

This ones for all you alcohol drinking Mamas and Papas! Cheers!

The Blues Room # 305, 23 November 2011

1. Fiona Boyes - Drink To Your Health

2. The Homemade Jamz Blues Band - Alcoholic Woman

3. Albert Collins - I Ain't Drunk

4. Gino - Drinking Straight Ta-Key-La

5. Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women - Sloppy Drunk

6. Willie Big Eyes Smith - Sittin Here Drinking

7. Tommy Tucker - Drunk

8. Anson Funderburgh and the Rockets - I Done Quit Getting Sloppy Drunk

9. Bessie Smith - Gimmie a Pig Foot and a Bottle of Beer

10. Bryan Lee - When I Been Drinking

11. Arsen Shomakhov - When I Get Drunk

12. David Philips - When I'm Drunk

13. Aretha Franklin - Drinking Again

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18 November 2011

The Blues Room # 304

2120 South Michigan Avenue, home of Chicago’s Chess Records, may be the most important address in the bloodline of the blues and rock ‘n’ roll. That address – immortalized in the Rolling Stones’ like-named instrumental recorded at an epochal session at Chess in June 1964 and included on the band’s album 12 X 5 – serves as the title to George Thorogood’s electrifying Capitol/EMI salute to the Chess label and its immortal artists.

Thorogood has been essaying the Chess repertoire since his 1977 debut album, which included songs by Elmore James and Bo Diddley that originated on the label. He has cut 18 Chess covers over the years; three appeared on his last studio release, 2009’s The Dirty Dozen.
On 2120 South Michigan Avenue, he offers a full-length homage to the label that bred his style with interpretations of 10 Chess classics. The album also includes original tributes to the Windy City and Chess’ crucial songwriter-producer-bassist Willie Dixon, penned by Thorogood, producer Tom Hambridge, and Richard Fleming, plus a crankedup version of the Stones’ titular instrumental.

Produced by Tom Hambridge, three time Grammy nominee, 2010 Grammy winner the album also includes featured guests Buddy Guy and Charlie Musselwhite, also both 2010 Grammy winners!….this is the album George Thorogood was born to make!

The Blues Room, 16 November 2011

1. The Fabulous Thunderbirds - Horsin' Around
2. The Flaming Mudcats - Champagne, Diamonds, and a Fast Car [NZ]
3. The M.O.B (Mick Fleetwood, Steven Tyler, Johny Lang, John McVie) - Sharp Dressed Man
4. George Thorogood and the Destroyers - Going Back
5. George Thorogood and the Destroyers - My Babe
6. George Thorogood and the Destroyers - 2120 South Michigan Avenue
7. George Thorogood and the Destroyers - Two Trains Running (Still A Fool)
8. George Thorogood and the Destroyers - Willie Dixon's Gone
9. Rod Piazza and the All Mighty Flyers - Con-Vo-Looted

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10 November 2011

The Blues Room # 303 More Harmonica Hotshots

If you have been following The Blues Room you'll know I dig harmonica, I mean like, really dig it! So heres some 'more' harmonica hotshots for your ears and soul with a special spotlight on a real cool cat by the name of Brandon Santini.

Raised in North Carolina, Brandon relocated to Memphis in 2003 where he began to absorb the sounds and culture of the Delta and north Mississippi Hill Country, honing his craft night after night, sweating it out in local Beale Street clubs just like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, & B.B. King. Check his music out, go buy some of it, see him play live, watch his youtube flicks and spread the word that this cat means business, Brandon Santini is a harmonica hotshot!

The Blues Room # 303, 9 November 2011
1. Craig Bracken - Want My Money Back [NZ]

2. Sugar Ray and the Bluetones - XO

3. Sonny Boy Williamson - The Loneliest Man

4. Blues Etilicos - Kansas City

5. Carlos del Junco - Mashed Potato Canada

6. Charlie Musselwhite and James Cotton - If I Should Have Bad Luck

7. Cyndi Lauper feat. Charlie Musselwhite - Just Your Fool

8. Brandon Santini - You Ruined Poor Me

9. Brandon Santini - Tomcattin' < HOT!

10. Brandon Santini - Evil Woman

11. Brandon Santini - Ida Lee

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3 November 2011

The Blues Room # 302

In this episode we are honoured to have in the studio, Hamilton musician, Max MacDonald and his mokopuna Lakeisha along with President of HBS, Tony Kaye. Max talks about his new EP which is out now and Tony fills us in on all the Blues happenings coming up in November, and what a lot of Blues happenings there are coming up too!!! Check Max's website for updates on what he's doing with the harmonica and check HBS's website for all the details on the upcoming gigs.

Then I interview Paul Wilson via the phone, Paul is the keyboardist for the Blues Buffet band.

Wanganui based R & B band, The Blues Buffet, incorporates a mix of popular and original compositions, putting on a never-stop, dance party featuring the styles and music of luminaries like Lucky Peterson, Eric Clapton, The Steve Miller Band, The Isley Bros, Johnny Winter, Little Charlie and the Nightcats and The Rolling Stones. They recorded their first CD last year called “Appetiser” with a second in the can.

The band has appeared in Blues, Brews and BBQs in Tauranga, and Jazz and Blues Festivals in Tauranga, Bay of Islands, Church Road, Manawhatu and the Hawkes Bay. Be warned, you won’t sit still when this band hits town.

Featuring: Fred Loveridge, Lead Guitar and vocals: Paul Wilson, Keyboards and vocals; Murray Loveridge, Bass and vocals and Nigel Bateman, Drums and vocals.

The Blues Room # 302, 2 November 2011
1. The Blues Buffet - Blues Is My Business [NZ]
2. Max MacDonald - The Bluesman
3. Max MacDonald - Love the Blues
4. Jimmy Vaughan - Its Been A Long Time
5. The Blues Buffet - Too Nice, Too Long
6. The Blues Buffet with Neil Billington - Slipstream
7. The Blues Buffet - Cold Turkey for Christmas
8. Victor Wainwright and the WildRoots - Don't Doubt It 'ce est bon'
Bonus Track
Albert Collins - Honey Hush

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27 October 2011

The Blues Room # 301 MONKEY ON A LIMB

How do I follow up my last show, episode # 300, where I gave away 11 CDS!!
Easy, with another show where I start to give away MORE CDS!! he he.

Cheers everyone, heres to the next 300 shows!!

1. James Blood Ulmer - Fattening Frogs for Snakes
2. John Lee Hooker - It Serves You Right to Suffer
3. The Bo Keys - 90 Days Same As Cash
4. Boo Boo Davis - Where Was My Baby
5. Robert Johnson - Steady Rollin Man
6. Clarence Edwards - Lonesome Bedroom Blues
7. George Harmonica Smith - Monkey on a Limb < HOT!
8. Jimmy Lloyd Rea and the Switchmasters - Walkin Blues
9. James Bolden - Friday is my Holiday
10. Sonny Boy Williamson - Keep It To Yourself
11. William Clarke - Daddy Pinocchio
12. The Homemade Jamz Blues Band - Grits and Groceries
13. Watermelon Slim and Super Chikan - Thou Art With Me

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21 October 2011

The Blues Room's 300th episode!!

300th epsiode of The Blues Room! For every song played Nate gave away a CD - congrads to Kev for winning the stack of blues CDs. Enjoy. Please like The Blues Room on facebook and subscribe to the podcast so you never miss an episode.
1. Cash McCall - One Touch
2. Dani Wilde - I Want Your Love
3. Ben Prestage - I Wish I Were In New Orleans
4. The Paul Garner Band - I've Got My Mojo Working [NZ]
5. Darren Watson - She Got It All [NZ]
6. John Mayall - Train to My Heart
7. Joe Bonamassa - Wild About You Baby
8. JP Blues - Old Love
9. Todd Wolfe - Cold Black Night
10. James Cotton - That's Alright
11. Omar Kent Dykes - No More Doggin'
11. Eddie C. Campbell - Tie Your Time Up

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13 October 2011

The Blues Room # 299 Confessin' the Blues

The Blues Room presents ...
Confessin' the Blues
Episode 299, 12 October 2011

RIP Willie Big Eyes Smith (January 19, 1936 – September 16, 2011)

See you at Hamilton Blues Society's blues jam 13th October at Biddy Mulligans. Mike Garner, Sally Garner, Pauline Sinel and Nate Taiapa will all be presented a lifetime membership award at the blues jam for their contribution to the Hamilton Blues Society.

1. Rod Piazza and the All Mighty Flyers - Confessin' the Blues
2. Tracey Nelson - Stranger In My Home Town
3. R.L. Burnside - Let My Baby Ride
4. Ed Rome - Somethin Extra
5. The Bo Keys feat. William Bell - Weak Spot
6. Shemekia Copeland - It's My Own Tears
7. Mitch Kashmar feat. William Bell - Horn of Plenty
8. Fiona Boyes, Mookie Brill, Rich Delgrosso - My Baby Left Me
9. Dawn Tyler Watson - Rollin Joe
10. Ana Popovic - One Room Country Shack
11. Willie Big Eyes Smith - Born in Arkansas
12. Professor Longhair - Red Beans


Listen now, POW!

7 October 2011

The Blues Room # 298 Hamilton Blues Society Interview

The Blues Room presents ...
Hamilton Blues Society
Episode 298, 5 October 2011

I think summer is on its way, for real! No kidding this time : ) The days are getting warmer here in Hamilton (NZ) and the daylight savings is just great, I love how it gets ligher in the mornings earlier than in Winter.

I'm joined once again by Pete from Hamilton Blues Society in this episode and he shares the blues happenings around Hamilton. Coming up is a special blues jam (12-10-2011) at Biddy's where a few of us who have just what came naturally to help keep the blues society alive in Hamilton are going to be acknowledged publically, namely Sally and Mike Garner and Pauline Sinel and myself, wow, thats so cool ... thank you HBS! So all come down to Biddy's this Thursday for some great blues and prizes to win!

1. John Mayall - The Sum of Something
2. Pink Champagne - Blues Monkey
3. Blues Buffet - Mother of the Blues
4. Gary Moore - Walking By Myself
5. SRV - Superstition
6. Indigenous - Monkeyshuffle
7. Alonzo Scales - My Baby Likes to Shuffle
8. Tina Turner - Night Time Is The Right Time
9. Matt 'Guitar' Murphy - What's Up With You Baby
10. Eric Clapton - Blues Before Sunrise
11. Muddy Waters - Strange Woman


Listen now, POW!

29 September 2011

The Blues Room # 297

The Blues Room presents ...
Everybodys Gonna Love Somebody Tonight
Episode 297, 28 September 2011

Blues blues blues ... and more new blues from Candye Kane!

1. The Instigators - My Baby's Sweeter
2. Blues Times - Pontiac Blues
3. Buddy Guy - Living Proof
4. The Butler Twins - Whats a Poor Man's Supposed To Do
5. Oli Brown - Love's Gone Cold
6. Blues Company - Things Won't Be The Same
7. Sean Costello - Obviously 5 Believers
8. Candye Kane - Everybody's Gonna Love Somebody Tonight
9. Candye Kane - You Take It Back From Here
10. Candye Kane - Side Dish

Blues Diva of the 20th century who can liven up any party without shedding a stitch
- People Magazine

A true celebrity diva
- New Yorker Magazine

This tough cookie wails with a rousing confidence and affirmation of identity and the courage of her convictions
- Downbeat Magazine
A serious and seriously powerful singer who lays it all on the line
- The Philadelphia Inquirer

A voice that is a natural wonder - like the Grand Canyon.
- The Washington Post

Candye Kane has that big, brassy voice that has authority and sass; the kind of thing men like because its seductive and women like because its powerful
- BB King to the San Diego Reader

If you haven't taken Candye Kane seriously before, now is the time to listen. This is a great album and the best of her career.
-Richard Ludmerer/ Blueswax

Laura Chavez is not just a rising star. She's already arrived.
- Vintage Guitar Player Magazine

An Older and Wiser blues diva
- All Music Guide

A smart sassy blues diva mama with a powerhouse voice and a generous frame
- Style Weekly

Bawdy, brassy and gloriously omnisexual, the plus sized singer belts out the blues like nobodys business
- Dallas Voice

The Most powerful and entertaining female blues singer of her generation
- Bluesbytes.com

A natural born, supremely gifted vocalist who can sing her humanity while touching ours
- Illinois Blues.com

23 September 2011

The Blues Room # 296 New Rock-Blues from Sean Chambers

The Blues Room presents ...
Episode 296, 21 Seotember 2011
"Chambers' brand of blues is a no-frills blend of Chicago, Texas, and Delta styles, played with an understated sense of ferocity. Sean came to wail, and he does so with a transparent sense of devotion and scholarship to the music he plays so well."
LIVING BLUES MAGAZINE - Mark Uricheck (Dec 28, 2009)
When I recieved the new album by Sean Chambers from Jo-Ann Freda I knew I was in for a real rockin treat. Sean has an attack on the guitar like the other blues-rock Gods, if not better. Check out some of his new matreial on this episode and then go get his new album, Live From The Long Island Blues Warehouse. For more details see http://www.seanchambers.com/

The Sean Chambers Band has played with the following artists:
          BB King-Buddy Guy-Johnny Winter-Greg Allman-Robin Trower-Double Trouble-Otis Rush-Hubert Sumlin-James Cotton-Govt Mule-Ike Turner-Koko Taylor-Kim Simmons-Tab Benoit-Jimmy Thackery-Jeff Healey-Derek Trucks-Pinetop Perkins-Magic Slim-Bo Diddley and more...       

1. Charlie Musselwhite - Where HWY 61 Runs
2. Mix & Dorp - Dirty Dog
3. Los Fabulocos feat. Kid Ramos - My Brothers Keeper
4. The Rolling Stones feat. Buddy Guy - Champagne and Reefer
5. Hound Dag Taylor - Sitting At Home Alone
6. Michael Powers - Spanish Castle Magic
7. Sean Chambers Band - Dixie 45
8. Sean Chambers Band - Love Can Find A Way
9. Sean Chambers Band - Full Moon On Main Street
10. Sean Chambers Band - Hip Shake Boogie

15 September 2011

The Blues Room # 295 DARCY PERRY & BLUE SEPTEMBER 2011

The Blues Room presents ...
Darcy Perry and Blue September 2001
Episode 295, 14 September 2011

Darcy Perry is a legend! He not only sings, plays and lives the music he loves - 'Soul drenched Blues' - but he gets in behind each community in which he lives. He has a heart for the people, thats what I like about Darcy. This year, after the very successful Blue September Prostate Cancer research campaign of 2010, Darcy is bringing the Blues to the Tamahere Markets, just out of Hamilton. This event will kick off early so make your way there for breakfast and enjoy some great Blues from the Darcy Perry Blues Band with special guests. Get BLUE this September.

1.Li'l Ronnie And The Grand Dukes - Rockin'
2.Junior Wells and his Chicago Blues Band with Buddy Guy - You Don't Love Me
3.Jimmy Witherspoon - T.W.A
4.Rusty Zinn - Treat You Like A Queen

Darcy Perry Interview about Blue September

5.Bob Corritore and Friends - Big Fat Mama
6.Harpdog Brown & The Bloodhounds - Soul Survivor
7.Brandon Santini - Leaving New York
8.J.J. Milteau - Tennessee Fried Chicken
10.Charlie Musselwhite - This Old Nightlife

9 September 2011

The Blues Room # 294

The Blues Room presents ...
Bluesin' with Pete (HBS)
Episode 294, 7 September 2011

Guest on air with me was Pete was the Hamilton Blues Society with all the good news about whats coming up, and believe me, its looking really good for bluesy happening in Hamilton over the next few months! Check out the gig guide on their website and be sure that you're subscribed to the monthly newsletter to stay in the Hamilton 'blues' loop.

1. Eddie Taylor Jr, Harmonica Hinds, Tre - I'm Your Lovin' Man
2. Harmonica Hinds - Anything If I Could
3. Samantha Gray - Feel The Rhythm
4. The Nudge - Come Home [NZ]
5. Midge Marsden - Shufflin' Sugar [NZ]
6. John Mayall's Blues Breakers - Double Crossin' Time
7. John Lee Hooker - Dimples
8. Lena Horne with Ray Ellis & Orchestra - In Love In Vain
9. Eddie Turner - Booty Bumpin'
10. Michael Powers - Shake Your Money Maker

3 September 2011

The Blues Room # 293 Music Maker Blues Revue (part two)

The Blues Room presents ...
Music Maker Blues Revue - Part Two
Episode 293, 31 Agust 2011

Great feedback came after I played part one of The Music Maker Blues Revue's live recording in Europe (2010). So heres the equally great part two. Hope you enjoy it. For part one, click here.

1. The Reverendos - Got My Mojo Workin'
2. Eric Lindell - It's A Drag
3. Freda Payne, Ray Brown Jr, Terry Gibbs - Lullaby of Birdland
4. The Music Maker Revue - Alabama Silm - Old Folks Boogie
5. The Music Maker Revue - Alabama Silm - Blue and Lonesome
6. The Music Maker Revue - Alabama Silm - Trouble No More
7. The Music Maker Revue - Albert White - Stranded
8. The Music Maker Revue - Pat Cohen - You Can Have My Husband but Please Don't Mess With My Man
9. The Music Maker Revue - Pat Cohen - At Last
10. The Music Maker Revue - Pat Cohen - Wang, Dang, Doodle
11. The Music Maker Revue - Everybody and Howling Bill - The Blues Is Alright
12. Mike Garner - My Baby Knows What I Like [NZ]

20 August 2011

The Blues Room # 291

The Blues Room Presents ...
KNiKi and Mike Beale
Epsiode 291, 17 August 2011

“Singing songs about holding hands with a devil means you two will be going to hell!! And I’m not joking...its just disgusting … Hell !!” Reverend John Revelator

She is wicked, outrageous, alluring, with the voice of a bad tempered Angel.

He will engage you with his rock star demeanour, demanding your attention, singing like a demon, with a voice soaked in a barrel of whiskey.

KNiKi and Mike Beale deliver a powerful blues rock performance, often described as a combination of Janis Joplin and Eric Clapton, with music ranging from intimate acoustic moments to the full on energy of a 5 piece band.

KNiKi’s vocal chords are packed with rustic roar, angelic pitch, and immense diversity.

Infused with Mike Beale’s fluid yet dynamic guitar playing and a voice that’s delivered with explosive roars and intimate whispers.

Candy to your ears and bubbles in your mouth.

I missed interviewing Mike recently when he and Kniki were touring NZ. Maybe next time. Heres a few of their rockin blues for you to enjoy. More details about Mike and Kniki are found at http://www.knikiandmike.com/

1. Big Daddy Wilson - Way Back When
2. Li'l Ronnie and the Grand Jukes - Early One Monday Morning
3. Blues Etilicos - It's My Soul
4. Jose Luis Pardo and the Mojo Workers - Robert Nighthawk Stomp
5. Brandon Santini - Tomcattin'
6. Kniki and Mike Beale - Love Me Like A Man
7. Kniki and Mike Beale - Rollin' and Tumblin
8. Kniki and Mike Beale - Dead On
9. Kniki and Mike Beale - Holding Hands with the Devil
10. Thomas Oliver - Cocaine Blues [NZ]
11. Dean Haitani - Muddy Waters [NZ]


BluesWax Sittin’ In With Scott Bomar of The Bo-Keys

The Bo-Keys don’t replay the Memphis instrumental tradition. They deliver a hard-hitting and authentic take on the city’s original soul sound. A devotee of Stax instrumental groups like the Mar-Keys and Booker T. & the MG’s, bandleader and bassist Scott Bomar formed the Bo-Keys as homage to the quintessential Memphis sound, yet he clearly has both feet firmly planted in the twenty-first century. The Bo-Keys’ latest recording, Got To Get Back, features several special guests, including Charlie Musselwhite, Otis Clay, and William Bell, just to name a few.

Scott Bomar is a Memphis-based musician, Emmy Award-winning film composer, Grammy-nominated music producer, and recording engineer. Bomar has also gained prominence as a bassist, backing legendary Stax artists such as Rufus and Carla Thomas, Eddie Floyd, William Bell, Sun Records pioneer Rosco Gordon, and Motown session guitarist Dennis Coffey. Bomar is also the leader of The Bo-Keys, a Memphis soul/funk group featuring former Stax/Volt, Hi Records, and Isaac Hayes session players Skip Pitts, Howard Grimes, and Ben Cauley.

Mini-Documentary About The Making Of: Got To Get Back

Robert Putignano for BluesWax: How are you doing Scott?

Scott Bomar: Great, good to be here.

BW: The latest Bo-Keys disc is on a new label for you?

SB: Yes, our first album came out on Yellow Dog records around 2004-2005. Since that time I started a studio named Electraphonic. That studio grew into a recording label. The Bo-Keys’ Got To Get Back is the fourth release. I did two for a soul-jazz group named The City Champs, and one single for the Bo-Keys.

BW: Good luck with all of this. You know this isn’t an easy game these days.

SB: It’s hard, but I believe that if you make good music, people will buy it.

BW: Kind of like that baseball movie, build it and they will come. Scott, please give us a little history about your achievements.

SB: I grew up here in Memphis, lived here my entire life, always loved the Memphis sound and Memphis music. I forget the first times I heard Al Green, Booker T. & the MG’s, the Bar-Kays, and other Memphis bands, and when I heard Otis Redding on the radio, he had a huge impact on me. When I got older and played with more and more musicians, I got to work in the studios in Memphis and got to know those guys that were involved with those classic recordings from Stax and Hi Records. Eventually, I got work with them and backed up William Bell, Eddie Floyd, and Carla and Rufus Thomas. As I got to play with all these great artists, I just soaked it all up.

BW: How old are you Scott?

SB: Thirty-seven.

BW: Wow! So this music preceded you by several decades. Plus, what’s more impressive, is how you are able to turn it back out in truly fine fashion, yet modernizing the music to sound contemporary.

SB: Thanks, but that sound never really went away, especially here in Memphis. Besides you can go around the world and still hear Al Green and Otis Redding on the radio. I just decided to study the roots of Memphis music. That eventually lead to putting together this current album, plus having several of the originators join the Bo-Keys and perform on the album was a real thrill for me.

BW: I had the pleasure of getting to talk with Booker T. a few weeks ago and mentioned the Bo-Keys name, and he said these guys get it.

SB: Wow; that means a lot to me, especially coming from Booker.

BW: You’ve got that right. He also has a lot of respect and wants to continue to preserve and expand that Memphis sound. So how did this particular Bo-Keys project get underway?

SB: It all started when I had a group in the mid 1990s called Impala. We were an all-instrumental band. We did kind of soundtrack recordings that sounded like Booker T.- surf-type music.

BW: Booker T. surf music?

SB: Yeah, we also mixed in some Freddie King sounds, like those early instrumental albums he did. We tried to have that kind of sound too. We toured a lot, had a couple of albums, but we ended up breaking up. Before the breakup we headed into a more soul direction, so the Bo-Keys became born to continue the sound we were working on.

Around this same time I started working at the Stax Music Academy, which were the original Stax studios and offices. When they were building the academy they had a summer music camp where they hired a lot of the original Stax session players to teach the kids. Somehow they threw me into this mix, so that’s how I met Skip Pitts. The first day that I go there to teach the kids, I see this guy plug into a wah-wah, and the first two seconds I hear him play, I knew exactly that it was Pitts and said to myself this is the guy who played guitar on Isaac Hayes’ “Shaft.”

I had heard Pitts name for years, but never met him or heard him play live. We had a different band lineup then, but some of the band members had conflicts playing in other bands. I wanted to keep as many of the originators of the Memphis sound in my band, and that’s where we are now. So as the Bo-Keys, we’ve been doing this for about ten years.

BW: I guess this was all meant to be for you, starting with the Impala band, onto the Stax summer camp, and now the Bo-Keys.

SB: It’s been a dream come true for me, Bob, it’s also been a lot fun doing a lot of projects like Cyndi Lauper’s Memphis Blues. We were also in the film Soul Men, with three of our songs on the soundtrack for that.

BW: You either know how to work the band well for projects like this or have someone working it well for you.

SB: We’ve just been very blessed. We have some great friends, we all like to work, and we never say no to anything.

BP: How did you get Otis Clay to record with you?

SB: Through our drummer, Howard Grimes, and the songwriter Darrell Carter, who co-wrote with Bobby Womack. He also was a staff writer at Hi Records, so he wrote a lot of stuff with Willie Mitchell for Otis Clay. Darrell co-wrote “Got to Get Back” and told me that the perfect guy to sing this song was Otis Clay. So I called him, told him about the song, and he was hooked, saying this is the song for me!

Otis Clay is a very special guy, one of the nicest guys in the whole world. He’s also one of the most professional artists out there. There’s not a lot great soul singers out there anymore, but Otis is one of them. We’ve lost so many blues soul singers, and we’re fortunate to have Otis with us.

BW: And it doesn’t look like he’s going away anytime soon. He looks fabulous and sounds great, too! By the way, Otis Clay and his band sang “Got to Get Back” at the Pennsyvania Blues Fest last weekend, and they nailed it!

SB: Alright! He sounds as good if not better than he did forty years ago. When he came to record with us we nailed the song down in the second take, and we did it all live. The experience was like being vaulted back in a time machine for me as I imagined what it might have been like recording back at Stax or Hi in the ’60s. It also helped that Howard Grimes and Otis worked together so many times before, so they locked in with each-other.

BW: So now I know why you named your new disc Got to Get Back, you certainly know how to capture and enhance that classic Memphis sound. By the way, the instrumentals on the CD really worked extremely well for me, but I have to tell you that at a very young age listening to AM radio I always gravitated to instrumental music.

SB: It was a great sound to hear on the dial, and I can understand how that worked for you. Before I forget, I wanted to let your WFDU listeners and BluesWax readers know that we are going on the road and will be at Joe’s Pub in New York City on Monday October 17th.

BW: Great news, Scott, I will be there, and if you need a push before the gig, please know that you are welcome back on the air with me. I will also try get my editor to cover the gig, and maybe you can get Otis Clay to fly in?

SB: We are really looking forward to playing New York, and look forward to seeing you there.

BW: Talk to you soon, Scott, thanks for your time.

Bob Putignano at www.SoundsofBlue.com is a contributing editor to BluesWax.

18 August 2011

The Blues Room # 290

The Blues Room presents ...
Episode 290, 10 August 2011

Sean Kirkwood is a solo musician well known around Wellington and the Hawkes Bay for his distinctive sound of blues and alt-country. He plays a mean lap slide guitar and is a really as well guy. Check his interview and a few tunes of his out on this episode of The Blues Room.

1. Lorenzo Thompson, José Luis Pardo, Quique Gomez & Big Yuyu - I Want
To Be Loved
2. Ana Popovic - Unconditional
3. Sean Kirkwood - Better Man [NZ]
Interview with Sean Kirkwood
4. Sean Kirkwood - Torn Up By You [NZ]
5. Mark 'Pocket' Goldberg - Lost Another One Blues
6. Mark 'Pocket' Goldberg - This Train
7. Mark 'Pocket' Goldberg - Down Home Woman
8. Demetria Taylor - Bad Girl
9. Demetria Taylor - When You Leave, Don't Take Nothing
10. Demetria Taylor - Goin' Back To Mississippi


6 August 2011

The Blues Room # 289

The Blues Room presents ...
Episode 289, 3 August 2011

Thomas Oliver is attracting great interest from NZ audiences and I'm sure it won't be long that he'll be attracting the same interest off-shore too. He plays lap slide. And plays it very well too. His band went from a 3 piece to a 5 piece for this album and of the album Thomas says its, “more organic, earthier and rich ... and the step from 3-piece to 5-piece has completely opened up our sound, and allowed a lot more creative expression for us, and particularly for me as the writer.” Listen to several songs off the album and an interview with Thomas Oliver in this weeks episode of The Blues Room, plus new tunes from The Tedeschi Trucks Band and Micheal Powers as well as some chit chat with Hamilton Blues Society representative, Peter van Vroonhoven. Enjoy!

1. The Thomas Oliver - World On A String [NZ]
2. The Thomas Oliver Band - Still Insane [NZ]
3. The Thomas Oliver - No Sing of You [NZ]
4. Jeff Healey - I Think I Love You Too Much
5. The Thomas Oliver Band - The Strangest Feeling I'm Home [NZ]
6. Tedeschi Trucks Band - Don't Let Me Slide
7. Shayn Hurricane Wills - Rolling [NZ]
8. Ruth Wyand - Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair
9. Micheal Powers - I Ain't Superstitious


30 July 2011

The Blues Room #288

The Blues Room presnts ..
Music Maker Blues Revue
Episode 288, 27 July 2011

I remember seeing the Music Maker Blues Revue at Byron Bay Bluesfest and absolutely loved them. TRhe line up has changed since then but the fell, the soul and the downhome blues they played has not. One things for sure, if you don't feel what this band or what the Music Make Relief Fund are doing for a) Musician Sustenance - grants to meet basic life needs and emergency relief; b) Musical Development - grants and services for recipient artist professional development and career advancement, and c) Cultural Access - supports the preservation and proliferation of American musical traditions, then yes, you just may have a hole in your soul.

The music featured in this episode reaches a major landmark for MMRF and it occurred when they embarked on their most ambitious Music Maker Revue European tour to date. Seven MMBR artists, including Pat “Mother Blues” Cohen, Pat Wilder, Albert White, Eddie Tigner, Nashid Abdul, Dr. Burt, Ardie Dean and Alabama Slim, traveled across Europe, performing five shows a week for five weeks to spread their talent and dedication to music. Here's part one of a two part series featuring what I want to call 'Blues on a mission'. Be sure to check out the video clips below, the second one is a crack up! Enjoy


1. Watermelon Slim and Super Chikan - I don't wear no sunglasses
2. Thomas Oliver Band - Goin' Home
3. Music Maker Blues Revue feat. Pura Fe' - Borders
4. Music Maker Blues Revue feat. Pura Fe' - Summertime
5. Music Maker Blues Revue feat. Dr Burt - What Can An Old Man Do But
Sing The Blues
6. Music Maker Blues Revue feat. Eddie Tigner - Let the Good Times Roll
7. Music Maker Blues Revue feat. Eddie Tigner - (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
8. Music Maker Blues Revue feat. Eddie Tgner - Going Down Slow
9. Michael Powers - I Ain't Superstitious
10. Fiona Boyes, Mookie Brill, & Rich Delgrosso - Get Your Nose Outta
My Bizness!


23 July 2011

The Blues Room # 287

The Blues Room presents ...
Episode 287, 20 July 2011

I found a real gem when I discovered 'Pickin' in High Cotton' by Memphis Gold recently. His music blew me away. Such a great delivery from him and his band, I'm still reeling today after playing his music on this episode of The Blues Room. Take a listen to this guy and you'll know why I still love the blues!! Plus you'll hear new tunes from James Cotton, Jimmie Vaughan, Grana' Louise, The Bo Keys, and Seasick Steve ... hmmm, who's new album shall I play next week?

1. Jimmie Vaughan - I Ain't Gonna Do It No More
2. Grana' Louise - Stagger Lee
3. The Bo Keys - Got To Get Back!
4. The Shuffle Tones with Ronnie Shellist
5. Memphis Gold - Pickin In High Cotton
6. Memphis Gold - Don't Take My Blues Away
7. Memphis Gold - Ice Cream Man
8. Memphis Gold - Homeless Blues
9. Memphis Gold - Back Po'ch Tennessee
10. Memphis Gold - How You Gonna Play the Blues
11. James Cotton - With The Quickness
12. Seasick Steve - You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
13. Lonnie Mack and Stevie Ray Vaughan - Double Whammy


15 July 2011

The Blues Room # 286

The Blues Room presents ...
Episode 286, 13 July 2011

New music from the sweet Samantha Gray in this episode. Born and raised in the working class town of, Ypsilanti, in southeast Michigan, Samantha Gray is a singer, songwriter and visual artist who began her creative journey at a very early age. Although she was raised in the mid-west, Samantha's father and maternal grandparents were from Tennessee. She really embraced her southern roots and has often said that she had the best of both worlds. Samantha was exposed to many different types of music, especially country music and the sounds of Motown.

Samantha's unique voice has been described as soulful, sultry and powerful. Also known for her vintage style and hip shaking performances, she really knows how to engage her audience. Melding the influences of Classic R&B, Blues and Rock'n'Roll, she combines all of these influences into her own brand of Blues and Roots music, which can be heard on her 2010 self-released debut album "Bad Girl Now."

Find out more about Samantha at http://samanthagray.net/

1. Albert Collins - I Ain't Drunk
2. William Clarke - Goin' Steady
3. Grana' Louise - Queen Bee
4. Janiva Magness - Slipped, Tripped, and Fell in Love
5. Carlos del Junco and the Blues Mongrels - Lil' Laptop
6. Samantha Gray - Rock This House
7. Samantha Gray - Memphis Groove
8. Samantha Gray - Nothing But The Blues
9. Samantha Gray - Rock Me Baby
10. Samantha Gray - East Side
11. James Blood Ulmer - Dimples
12. Memphis Gold - Biscuit Boogie


9 July 2011

The Blues Room # 285

The Blues Room presents ...
Human Instinct
Episode 285, 6 July 2011

Peter from Hamilton Blues Society joins me in the studio again to bring you some more outstanding blues, especially from his collection. Plus we call Maurice Greer of Human Instinct to catch up with him about the band and about the Hamilton show the following night at Biddy Mulligans. We also give away 5 double passes to the show - how cool is that!!

About Human Instinct
Incredibly, Human Instinct has been entertaining us over four decades. A band with a reputation for their explosive live performances and for the radical rock they have recorded on seven albums and nearly 30 singles. They have played alongside the giants of British rock and have been described by the music critics as legendary heavyweights of NZ rock.

Sensational lead vocalist and stand-up drummer Maurice Greer remains the heart of Human Instinct and he’s travelled a long road since the late 60s when he was propelled into the limelight as the “teenage wonder drummer”. Inevitably the line-up has changed with the times under his charismatic leadership and has been a vehicle for many of New Zealand’s top musicians.Human Instinct’s sound, a melting pot of heavy psychedelic and blues rock, is absolutely their own. They are characterized by a rock-solid rhythm section, led by Maurice - who with his hands and hair flying in every direction and playing with the verve of a 19 year old, smashes the regimented boundaries often encountered by drummers as he plays his enormous customized stand-up drum kit (including timpanies and gongs) - followed closely by fiery bass grooves and a roll call of ace guitarists. It’s an accomplishment strengthened by their recordings.

1. Buddy Guy - Guess What
2. Gary Moore - Someday Baby
3. The Nudge - Come Home
4. Human Instinct - Ashes and Matches
5. Human Instinct - Midnight Sun
6. Brandon Santini - You Ruined Poor Me
7. Gregg Allman - Just Another Rider
8. RB Stone - The Devils Satisfied
9. Robert Cray - Smoking Gun