30 May 2013

Trevor Reeki Talks Blues With Nate [#384]

Episode 384, 29 May 2013

1. Bob Brozman - Pony Blues
2. Buddy Guy - Key Don't Fit
3. Jimi Hendrix - Red House
Interview with Trevor Reeki
4. Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Piney Brown Blues
5. Paul Ubana Jones - Blues With A Feeling [NZ]
6. Midge Marsden - Travellin' On [NZ]
7. John Mayall - Train to My Heart
8. Mike Brosman - She's Funny That Way [NZ]

Download link for this episode: 384

Trevor Reeki's list of who hes interviewed on his Radio New Zealand's National Radio show called Access All Areas over the past years is really impressive. Hes interviewed artists from the punk to funk, and rock to roll genres and so many in between. And when I asked him for an interview on this, my last show for New Zealand Music Month 2013, he accepted without hesitation. 
I guess you could say this is an 'interview with an interviewer.'

Those interviewed by Trevor include Buddy Guy, John Mayall, Bob Brozman, Gary Atkinson of Document Records, and Jack Holzman of Elektra Records just to name a few. Check out the rest of his interviews at the link above for a pleasant surprise, I'm sure you'll see many interesting artists you're familiar with and many you'll learn about for the first time. Enjoy!

23 May 2013

F is for FOOD Blues [#383]

Episode 383, 22 May 2013

1. Cash Box Kings - Hot Biscuit Baby
2. Marcia Ball - Watermelon Time
3. Mitch Kashmar - Sugar sweet
4. Bernard 'Pretty' Prudie and Purdie's Powerhouse - Kidney Stew Blues
5. Bernard 'Pretty' Prudie and Purdie's Powerhouse - Breakfast With The Blues
6. Bernard 'Pretty' Prudie and Purdie's Powerhouse - A Little Soul Food
7. Brandon Santini - Fish Are Bitin'
8. Shemekia Copeland - Lemon Pie
9. Jimmy Morello - Sugar And Honey
10. Chris Jones and Steve Baker - Fast Food Restaurant Blues

Download link for this episode: 383

Those who know me know that I love food. So I couldn't resist hoovering around F related blues for another week because as far as I'm concerned F is for FOOD. This episode was inspired by taking another listen to a great CD that Rob Paparozzi sent me, its Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie's album called, Purdie Good Cookin'. Now these cats know how to cook up some F-in' nice jams! Enjoy!

F is for Females in the Blues [TBR#382]

Episode 382, 15 May 2012

1. Koko Taylor - I'm A Woman
2. Tracey Nelson and Marcia Ball - Shoot My Baby
3. Shemikia Copeland - A Woman
4. Deanna Bogart - OK, I'll Play The Blues
5. James Cotton with Ruthie Foster - Wrapped Around My Heart
6. Paul Rishell and Annie Raines - Even Good Woman Have Bad
7. Sonia Bullot - Don't Get Around Much Anymore [NZ]
8. Annie Piper and Nicole Hart - Can't Let You Go
9. Annie Piper and Nicole Hart - Bad Side Bady
10. Annie Piper and Nicole Hart - One Good Man
11. Etta James - Do Right Woman, Do Right Man

Download link for this episode: 382

Females have a significant role in The Blues. Take a listen to any of these songs and you'll you what I'm talking about!! New tunes from some beautiful and very talented Blues Leaf Recording artists, Annie Piper and Nicole Hart. And a first time airing on The Blues Room of a local New Zealand female trumpet player, Sonia Bullot, nice stuff! Enjoy!

9 May 2013

E is for Electric Blues Guitar [#381]

Episode 381, 8 May 2013

1. John lee Hooker - Gotta Boogie
2. T-Bone Walker - Through With Women
3. Muddy Waters - Can't Be Satisfied
4. Bo Diddley - Mumblin' Guitar
5. Hound Dog Taylor - Blue Guitar
6. Robert Cray Band - Won't Be Coming Home
7. Magic Slim and The Teardrops - Sunrise Blues
8. Billy TK Jnr and The Groove Shakers - G String Swing [NZ]
9. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - Cold Shot
10. Duke Robillard - Stapled To The Chicken's Back
11. Joe Bonamassa - Look Over Yonder Wall
12. BB King - How Blue Can You Get?

Download link for this episode: 381

Choosing tracks for this episode was hard but heres what I came up with. Tracks had to feature a great Blues Guitarist as this episode is another in my ABCs of Blues series and we are up to the letter E.
E is for Electric Blues Guitar. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Robert Johnson

Robert Leroy Johnson (May 8, 1911 – August 16, 1938) was an American blues singer and musician. His landmark recordings from 1936–37 display a combination of singing, guitar skills, and songwriting talent that has influenced later generations of musicians. Johnson's shadowy, poorly documented life and death at age 27 have given rise to much legend, including the Faustian myth that he sold his soul at a crossroads to achieve success. As an itinerant performer who played mostly on street corners, in juke joints, and at Saturday night dances, Johnson had little commercial success or public recognition in his lifetime.

Johnson's records sold poorly during his lifetime. It was only after the reissue of his recordings in 1961 on the LP King of the Delta Blues Singers that his work reached a wider audience. Johnson is now recognized as a master of the blues, particularly of the Mississippi Delta blues style. He is credited by many rock musicians as an important influence; Eric Clapton has called Johnson "the most important blues singer that ever lived." Johnson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as an "Early Influence" in their first induction ceremony in 1986. In 2003, David Fricke ranked Johnson fifth in Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.

Read more about Robert Johnson: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Johnson

4 May 2013

More Watermelon Slim Please [#380]

Episode 380, 1 May 2013

1. Darcy Perry Band - Another Funeral for A Friend
2. Midge Marsden - Carry My Blues Away
3. Mike Garner - Baby Don't Do That
4. Little Walter - Blues With A Feeling
5. Watermelon Slim and the Workers - Driving and Drinking
6. Watermelon Slim - Wreck On The highway
7. Watermelon Slim and - I'm a fish
    (((Watermelon Slim talks to Nate)))
8. Watermelon Slim - Devil's Cadilac
9. Watermelon Slim - Scalemaster Blues

Download link for this episode: 380

I went to see Watermelon Slim at Diggers Bar in Hamilton and mate, he was so good. Excellent harmonica player, awesome slide guitarist and had he vocals to match. Plus hes a good entertainer too! The guitar player with him, Steve 'Guitar" Gilles, was just magic. And Darcy Perry as special guest, well, you couldn't ask for a better local bluesman to join in. I enjoyed myself is a total understatement!

Take a listen to my chat with Watermelon Slim that took place right before he went on stage at Diggers Bar, its quite revealing to say the least. And finally, a big thank you to Simon Vare of Yellow Eye Music for setting this all up and bringing Slim here. Enjoy.