4 May 2013

More Watermelon Slim Please [#380]

Episode 380, 1 May 2013

1. Darcy Perry Band - Another Funeral for A Friend
2. Midge Marsden - Carry My Blues Away
3. Mike Garner - Baby Don't Do That
4. Little Walter - Blues With A Feeling
5. Watermelon Slim and the Workers - Driving and Drinking
6. Watermelon Slim - Wreck On The highway
7. Watermelon Slim and - I'm a fish
    (((Watermelon Slim talks to Nate)))
8. Watermelon Slim - Devil's Cadilac
9. Watermelon Slim - Scalemaster Blues

Download link for this episode: 380

I went to see Watermelon Slim at Diggers Bar in Hamilton and mate, he was so good. Excellent harmonica player, awesome slide guitarist and had he vocals to match. Plus hes a good entertainer too! The guitar player with him, Steve 'Guitar" Gilles, was just magic. And Darcy Perry as special guest, well, you couldn't ask for a better local bluesman to join in. I enjoyed myself is a total understatement!

Take a listen to my chat with Watermelon Slim that took place right before he went on stage at Diggers Bar, its quite revealing to say the least. And finally, a big thank you to Simon Vare of Yellow Eye Music for setting this all up and bringing Slim here. Enjoy.

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