23 August 2007

Blues Revue - The World's Blues Magazine

For a long time I've had my eye on this magazine and now I finally get to read it -at home and not just from the book stand.

Yip, I splashed out $20NZ and bought the Aug/Sept copy. Boy am I glad I did! I'm so happy with this magazine that I went online and subscribed for a year.

Features include:
  • Columns from top blues people such as Bob Margolin and Doug McLeod (hey, thats the same Doug that's been here to NZ!)
  • Guitar instruction
  • Harmonica instruction
  • New and Reviews
  • Concert reviews
  • CD reviews (stacks of em)
  • Feature articles - Aug/Sep highlight: Johnny Winter, James Blood Ulmer, Deanna Bogart, Matt Schofield and the 2007 Blues Music Awards
And much much more. I had to add the much much more because there is much much more like colour photos & classifieds, links to websites and stuffs a blues lover would love.