31 August 2012

The Blues Room # 344 New Blues Arrivals

New to The Blues Room and hot off the press. Enjoy!

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Episode 344, 22 August 2012

1. Mark Cook - Sweet Sound Of Memphis
2. Mark Cook - Blues Shack
3. Mark Cook - Take It Or Leave It
4. Dave Fields - Addicted To your Love
5. Dave Fields - In The Night
6. Dave Fields with Joe Louis Walker - Doin' Hard Time
8. The Chris O'Leary Band - 377-9189
9. The Chris O'Leary Band - Pictures Of You

17 August 2012

The Blues Room # 343 Free Download: Blues Revue Sampler July 2012

I am subscribed to the Blues Revue email list and received a link to download their first free digital blues sampler for July 2012. I suggest you subscribe to them, go to their website for all the details and to download the whole sampler. In this episode you'll hear a sampling of the sampler. Enjoy.

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Episode # 343, 15 August 2012
1. Phantom Blues Band - Boogah Man
2. Dennis Gruenling feat. Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones - Rockin' All Day
3. Jake Eckert - Come Down To the Blues
4. Oli Brown - I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
5. Anthony Gomes - One Last Time
6. Royal Southern Botherhood - New Horizons
7. JW Jones - Heartbreaker
8. Selwyn Birchwood - The Way You Wiggle
9. Lloyd Jones - Bend In The River
10. Lil' Ronnie And The Grand Dukes - Can't Buy Me Love
11. Lisa Mann - Kings Of Black Gold

10 August 2012

The Blues Room # 342 Ronnie Shellist Interview

“Ronnie is a mighty fine player and I ain’t lyin!”
– Charlie Musselwhite

“ Ronnie has a style on the harmonica all his own. This is his debut CD
that many people have been waiting for…you’re going to like it!“
– Kim Wilson

If you dig blues harmonica, great solid tunes, and something a little different to all the 'same old same old' stuff thats out there please check out what Ronnie Shellist is doing over at http://www.harmonica123.com/, http://www.ronnieshellist.com/, and at http://www.youtube.com/RonnieShellist. Ronnie has a new album out called 'til Then and I recommend you get yourself a copy. (Read this review)

I caught up with Ronnie to talk all about what hes done, what hes currently doing, and what hes about to do - subscribe to his newsletter via his website to stay informed!

Enjoy the interview and the music. This is Blues Harmonica!!

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Episode 342, 8 August 2012
1. Gary Primich - Satelite Rock
2. Ronnie Shellist - Knockin'
3. Gary Primich - School Of Hard Knocks
4. Kim Wilson - Smokin' Joint 96
5. William Clarke - Blowin' Like Hell
6. Soul 7 feat. Kim Wilson - Juke
7. BB King - Why I Sing The Blues
8. Jeremy Vasquez and Ronnie Shellist: The Shuffletones - Married To The Blues
9. Otis Span - It Must Have Been The Devil
10. Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee - Harmonica Hop
11. Norton Buffalo - Harmonica Mambo
12. Bacon Fat - Juicy Harmonica
13. Jeremy Vasquez and Ronnie Shellist: The Shuffletones - Walk Around The Block
14. Ronnie Shellist - 'til Then
15. Ronnie Shellist - One Day
16. Ronnie Shellist - Mook
17. Ronnie Shellist - Shoes
18. Ronnie Shellist - Found You
19. Ronnie Shellist - Eyesight To The Blind

7 August 2012

The Blues Room # 341 WE ARE NOW FREE!

This is The Blues Room's first episode on the new frequency, 89.0 (89 point Zero).
Our station has also changed its name to Free FM (it was Community Radio Hamilton).
Check out their new website: http://www.freefm.org.nz/

On this episode we have Tony Kaye of HBS in the studio with us again and we feature music from Juke Joint Jonny (a Blues Leaf recording artist), and Ash Grunwald who is touring NZ at present.

Episode 341, 1 August 2012
1. Tab Benoit - Fast and Free
2. Fried Bourbon - Nine Below Zero
3. Little Freddie King - Got Tha Blues On My Back
4. Juke Joint Jonny - Come On Up
5. Juke Joint Jonny - Going To Mississippi
6. Juke Joint Jonny - Juke Joint Boogie

7. Ash Grunwald - Nervous
8. Ash Grunwald - Ramblin' Man
9. Ash Grunwald - When You Need 'Em

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