10 August 2012

The Blues Room # 342 Ronnie Shellist Interview

“Ronnie is a mighty fine player and I ain’t lyin!”
– Charlie Musselwhite

“ Ronnie has a style on the harmonica all his own. This is his debut CD
that many people have been waiting for…you’re going to like it!“
– Kim Wilson

If you dig blues harmonica, great solid tunes, and something a little different to all the 'same old same old' stuff thats out there please check out what Ronnie Shellist is doing over at http://www.harmonica123.com/, http://www.ronnieshellist.com/, and at http://www.youtube.com/RonnieShellist. Ronnie has a new album out called 'til Then and I recommend you get yourself a copy. (Read this review)

I caught up with Ronnie to talk all about what hes done, what hes currently doing, and what hes about to do - subscribe to his newsletter via his website to stay informed!

Enjoy the interview and the music. This is Blues Harmonica!!

Download episode 342 by right clicking and saving this link: 342

Episode 342, 8 August 2012
1. Gary Primich - Satelite Rock
2. Ronnie Shellist - Knockin'
3. Gary Primich - School Of Hard Knocks
4. Kim Wilson - Smokin' Joint 96
5. William Clarke - Blowin' Like Hell
6. Soul 7 feat. Kim Wilson - Juke
7. BB King - Why I Sing The Blues
8. Jeremy Vasquez and Ronnie Shellist: The Shuffletones - Married To The Blues
9. Otis Span - It Must Have Been The Devil
10. Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee - Harmonica Hop
11. Norton Buffalo - Harmonica Mambo
12. Bacon Fat - Juicy Harmonica
13. Jeremy Vasquez and Ronnie Shellist: The Shuffletones - Walk Around The Block
14. Ronnie Shellist - 'til Then
15. Ronnie Shellist - One Day
16. Ronnie Shellist - Mook
17. Ronnie Shellist - Shoes
18. Ronnie Shellist - Found You
19. Ronnie Shellist - Eyesight To The Blind

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