8 April 2008

Radio Awards, LIVE vs. Pre-Recorded Shows, and BluesFest on my mind

For the last four weeks or so I've pre-recorded my shows and had the luxury of not having to drive up to the studio to do a LIVE show. Tell you what though, I have missed not being on air with my listeners. Theres something about going LIVE to air thats both terrifying and satisfying for me.

This has all been mainly because I was over in Byron Bay for a week and at the same time my work schedule changed from day to night shift. In a few weeks I change back to days so will have five weeks where I'll be able to do LIVE shows. I was with Darcy Perry last Saturday at the Community Radio Hamilton open day, which by the way was very very well done and supported. Darcy was telling me he'll be able to join me in the Blues Room on air in a couple of weeks. This is great because I'm wanting to get more LIVE performances happening on my show.

As you'll see by looking at my play lists over the last few weeks, I've featured many artists from Blues Fest Byron Bay and BluesFest NZ. It was both a time of discovery and amazement for me. firstly I was able to discover many artists that I've not listened to before. One new discovery for me was Junior Brown. He played BluesFest Byron Bay in past years and has caught my attention. He's like a country soul singer. don't get me wrong, he sound is country but he voice is country with soul.

And from the New Zealand line up of BluesFest in Whitianga, there was the likes of Little Bushman. Their song Mary has been the most played on my ipod over the last four weeks. I love it, my number one song at the moment.

But hey, thats not the only new discovery i've made lately. Heres the best new discovery that I've made ... THE BLUES ROOM IS A FINALIST FOR A NEW ZEALAND RADIO AWARD!!!!! Woohoo!! The Blues Room is a finalist for the best Access Music Programme. And I'm buzzin about that. The awards night is May 3rd 2008 and so I'll keep you in the loop. Should I win I'll grin and should I not so what. I'm just buzzin' at the fact that my show is UP THERE! Woohoo.