26 September 2019

#711 : Final Show with LIVE Jam (25 Sept 2019)

After 13 years of bringing you a weekly Blues Room show each Wednesday evening on Free FM, year in and year out, 52 weeks a year, with no holiday breaks (or holiday pay lol) we bring this labor of love - or as my father would say, 'community service' - to an end. I wish to thank you ALL for your wonderful support, your friendship, and your generosity shown me over the years. I couldn't have done it on my own. To bring it all to a close I invited a few excellent local musicians up into the studio to jam live to air and that's exactly what they did. And we even had birthday cake to celebrate my birthday! Thanks guys! I dedicate this episode to the memory of my musical mentor, my Dad (Bardia Pine Taiapa), and to our blues brother, Max McDonald.

Be sure to tune in to The Blues Machine with Mark 'Fatt Max' Hill each Wednesday on Free FM.

This is Nate signing off, thanks guys, that is in deed a wrap!

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