30 June 2007

Sugar Blue

Click above image to hear samples of CODE BLUE

I first heard Sugar Blue for the first time back in the 80s.
I knew then that he was onto something.
The track that first introduced me to his talent and skill
was the LIVE cut, 'Another Man Done Gone'
on the1982 Montreux Jazz Festival album.

This song still remains one of my all time favorites!

Beeble Music is proud to announce the long awaited new release from Sugar Blue, one of the blues world’s most distinctive and acclaimed harmonica virtuosos!

The new material is phenomenal!

Sugar Blue, backed by the talents of Rico McFarland, James Knowles and Jesse Cross laid the new tracks in Sweet Home Chicago. Additional work has been recorded and mixed in Paris and Milan and the result is a very diverse, soulful, mature and powerful work.

Some songs are pure Sugar Blue, harmonica raging like a lion
and cutting like a razor!

Sensuous sounds and simmering melodies rock solid rhythms
to groove you to the bone!

There are chromatic harp solos and stark new concepts that reflect
his renewed creative fire and continued commitment to cutting edge creativity.
His vocals mellow yet ferocious have grown. His lyrics are profound, introspective
and outward looking at the same time.

CODE BLUE brings on the resurgence of one of harmonica great masters!

CODE BLUE comes from the heart of tradition and the soul of an innovator!!

Listen to the tracks on www.sugar-blue.com/codeblue.html

18 June 2007

Mr Superharp - James Cotton

James CottonMy Babe

Cotton is truly a living blues legend, with a career spanning 63 years. Some of his many accomplishments include: A Grammy in 1996 (and nominated for 3 other's); 7 WC Handy Awards/Blues Music Awards; induction into the Smithsonian Institution and the Blues Hall of Fame; The Blues Foundation's Howlin' Wolf Award; Honorary and Lifetime member of the Sonny Boy Blues Society; and the Premier Harmonica Player Awards for 1999 and 2000 awarded by the Memphis Chapter of the National Academy of Record Arts and Sciences.

"Superharp", as he has been known, had his first radio show in 1952 and has recorded more than 20 of his own albums/cd's, in addition to countless others in which he has appeared.

He played and toured with his surrogate father, Sonny Boy Williamson, was Muddy Waters' harp player from 1954 through 1966, and also played with Howlin' Wolf. His live shows are legendary, to this day.

Now all I need is for him to come to New Zealand, before it's TOO LATE!

13 June 2007

GrOoVin wiTh dELta GrOOvE PrODucTiONs

Delta Groove Productions have always been a great source of good blues since I found out about them a few years back.

Check out the great reviews of new releases here.

I think you'll be satisfied like me.

I even see they have put my feedback up on their site, man I love that! Here I am, little ole' skankin' mojo man in the heart of the Waikato doing a blues radio show and yet, because of the internet, what I have to say can be heard way over on the other side of the world.

On that note, it must be way cool to have your music listened to and appreciated by people all over the world. Oh to be that influential!

I'll be playing so me of the Delta Groove Productions I have in my collection tonight on the Blues Room.

Al Blake ~ Randy Chorkoff ~ John Long


As well, I'm going to try and get in contact with Simen Taylor, one of the best Boogie Woogie pianists I know of in New Zealand, the other is Jan Preston, although I don't think she's residing in New Zealand (Australia I think).


10 June 2007

"It's not right! ...Mom!" says Paris Hilton

The Negro tenant farmer is the descendant of the slave. For generations, he has lived in mortal fear of the white boss in the cotton country. He has seen his women violated and his children humiliated. He himself has been discriminated against, cheated, whipped, and held forcibly in an inferior position. Every white face he sees is a reminder of his brother's mutilation, burning, and death at the stake. He has no recourse at law, because he is denied the right of trial by his peers. The Negro tenant farmer on a plantation is still a slave (Caldwell 11). Source link

According to a recent Justice Department report on America's jail population, women make up about 10 percent of the America's inmates. There are now more women than ever serving time, and black women make up a disproportionate number of those women. They are twice more likely than Hispanic, and over three times more likely than white women, to be jailed. In fact, black women have almost single-handedly expanded the women's prison-industrial complex.

Female prisoners face the added peril of rape, and insensitive treatment during pregnancy. A United Nations report in 1997 found that more than two dozen states permitted pregnant women to be shackled while being transported to hospitals for treatment. Source Link

Paris Hilton was ordered back to jail Friday.

"It's not right! ...Mom!"—Paris Hilton, after a judge ordered her to be returned to jail to complete her term for probation violation.

Many have cried Paris, many have cried.

And what, are we supposed to feel sorry for Paris now that
shes seen here crying in public and on her way to the clinker.

I think jail will be good for Perez.


Least she gets a break from her busy
schedule and some down time!!!

She is a white privileged woman who gets to leave
prison alive and return to her wealthy empire.

And whats more, I loath people who drink and drive.
Their choice to do so puts me, my family and others' safety in jeopardy.

Nuff said on that one.

Go watch the Paris Jail Song, just havin' a dig!

7 June 2007

He's a lot like OTIS SPANN

I'm talking bout Simen "Blues Keys" Taylor.
He states his musical influences are:

Otis Spann (the one)

Leon Russell

Johnnie Johnson

Pinetop Perkins
Buddy Guy

Little Walter

Muddy Waters

The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Willie Dixon

Memphis Slim

Sonny Boy Williamson

Darren Watson (NZ guitarist/singer)


For the harmonica fan

A collection of amazing i-mics. They are homemade mics for the harmonica player. They all work and theres some pretty amazing looking creations, go check the whole collection out. And then come back and tell me what the heck i-mic stands for : )


3 June 2007

Gig Posters

I love getting a gig poster. I'll even try to get the band/artists to sign it if I can. I remember going into a fish and chip shop once and seeing a Charlie Musselwhite poster hanging on the wall. I asked them for it and the owner said 'is that to have here or take away', ha ha, nah, they were only to happy to give it to me.

I found this great website called www.gigposters.com which has many awesome gig posters. Some of the art work is totally cool. Heres a few Blues ones I found plus a few favs of mine.