30 June 2007

Sugar Blue

Click above image to hear samples of CODE BLUE

I first heard Sugar Blue for the first time back in the 80s.
I knew then that he was onto something.
The track that first introduced me to his talent and skill
was the LIVE cut, 'Another Man Done Gone'
on the1982 Montreux Jazz Festival album.

This song still remains one of my all time favorites!

Beeble Music is proud to announce the long awaited new release from Sugar Blue, one of the blues world’s most distinctive and acclaimed harmonica virtuosos!

The new material is phenomenal!

Sugar Blue, backed by the talents of Rico McFarland, James Knowles and Jesse Cross laid the new tracks in Sweet Home Chicago. Additional work has been recorded and mixed in Paris and Milan and the result is a very diverse, soulful, mature and powerful work.

Some songs are pure Sugar Blue, harmonica raging like a lion
and cutting like a razor!

Sensuous sounds and simmering melodies rock solid rhythms
to groove you to the bone!

There are chromatic harp solos and stark new concepts that reflect
his renewed creative fire and continued commitment to cutting edge creativity.
His vocals mellow yet ferocious have grown. His lyrics are profound, introspective
and outward looking at the same time.

CODE BLUE brings on the resurgence of one of harmonica great masters!

CODE BLUE comes from the heart of tradition and the soul of an innovator!!

Listen to the tracks on www.sugar-blue.com/codeblue.html

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