10 June 2007

"It's not right! ...Mom!" says Paris Hilton

The Negro tenant farmer is the descendant of the slave. For generations, he has lived in mortal fear of the white boss in the cotton country. He has seen his women violated and his children humiliated. He himself has been discriminated against, cheated, whipped, and held forcibly in an inferior position. Every white face he sees is a reminder of his brother's mutilation, burning, and death at the stake. He has no recourse at law, because he is denied the right of trial by his peers. The Negro tenant farmer on a plantation is still a slave (Caldwell 11). Source link

According to a recent Justice Department report on America's jail population, women make up about 10 percent of the America's inmates. There are now more women than ever serving time, and black women make up a disproportionate number of those women. They are twice more likely than Hispanic, and over three times more likely than white women, to be jailed. In fact, black women have almost single-handedly expanded the women's prison-industrial complex.

Female prisoners face the added peril of rape, and insensitive treatment during pregnancy. A United Nations report in 1997 found that more than two dozen states permitted pregnant women to be shackled while being transported to hospitals for treatment. Source Link

Paris Hilton was ordered back to jail Friday.

"It's not right! ...Mom!"—Paris Hilton, after a judge ordered her to be returned to jail to complete her term for probation violation.

Many have cried Paris, many have cried.

And what, are we supposed to feel sorry for Paris now that
shes seen here crying in public and on her way to the clinker.

I think jail will be good for Perez.


Least she gets a break from her busy
schedule and some down time!!!

She is a white privileged woman who gets to leave
prison alive and return to her wealthy empire.

And whats more, I loath people who drink and drive.
Their choice to do so puts me, my family and others' safety in jeopardy.

Nuff said on that one.

Go watch the Paris Jail Song, just havin' a dig!


Anonymous said...

The number of Black women in jail is out of proportion. But if the only solution to this problem is to dispize Paris Hilton, then I'm affraid things will not change very soon.
Best of luck to all the (black) women in jail.

Nate Taiapa said...

Since when have Black Women in jail needed luck? They need a lot more than ',luck' my anonymous friend or foe.

Actually I don't despise Paris I despise any who drinks and drives.