18 July 2007

M Y S P A C E . C O M - Is it really my space?

OK, so it took me a while to cotton on to what all the hype was about regarding this MySpace thang. To be honest I wasn't interested. I had no time for MySpace, I was trying to work out to use this Blogger site!

So I finally joined and now I'm converted. I dig MySpace for what it offers me FREE of charge. However, I'm not so sure it's altogether 'my space' entirely. I guess I was a little naive to think I would have a place on the web where I get to control of what happens. Well to a large extent I can control my profile, I have the power to edit as I please, but I don't have control over who decides to SPAM me! And once spam arrives it then become MySpam!

Some 17year old Thug Rapper from India inviting me to subscribe to his blog of which there was none. An artist, well-intentioned I'm sure, wanting me to view her work (which I don't fancy in the least) and some then theres the folk who want to send you every minute on the minute a floral e-card with some deep and meaning quote like: Soar with the Eagles - Reach your Potential.

Anyways, if you're reading this you yourself might be wondering just what am I doing by writing this? Point taken, heres my likes and dislikes about MySpace(MS) so far, they might change next month.

  • Networking -MS has put me in contact with so many people from around the globe that I would not have met otherwise. Varied people of all ages, cultures and creeds with interests both similar and otherwise.
  • It FREE - Yay!
  • Music - MS is growing in terms of band and musician profiles plus many of them have samples of their music and FREE mp3s for downloading.
  • SPAM - theres a feature once you join whereby all the people you accept as your friends can post you (and all their friends) a bulletin. These bulletins don't show up on your profile which is great. And then what comments do show up on your profile can be deleted if they aren't to your liking.
  • Cumbersome - to start with it was a nightmare! But once I found my way around it was fine. I learnt quickly that if theres something I see that I like by someone else I just need to ask them how they did it. I've made two great friends this way - they are now invaluable.
  • SPAM
Check out my M Y S P A C E . C O M profile

9 July 2007

KOKOMO - Music with attitude, blues and beyond

KOKOMO have been a steady arm of NZ blues and on their latest album, Kokomo - a gogo, recorded LIVE during two concerts at Baycourt Theatre, NZ you get to see why. Although the only new song is "Home Of The Blues" a song about the hurricanes and flooding in New Orleans which happened a couple of months before the concert, nearly all the other songs are considerable rearrangements of - and improvements on - their original version. The band all agree that this is their best album so far.

Hear their new album here http://www.kokomo.co.nz/html/kokomo_a_gogo.html

And hear Derek Jacombs LIVE in the Blues Room on air with me this Wednesday, from 9pm.

2 July 2007

Bay of Islands Jazz & Blues Festival, Northland, NZ - 2007

AUGUST 10, 11 &12

Every year jazz and blues musicians gather from all over New Zealand and overseas for the annual Bay of Islands Jazz and Blues Festival. The many venues in Paihia, Waitangi and Haruru Falls host over 150 hours of quality jazz and blues during the three-day event.

There are more than 50 acts featured.

Street performances, in Kawakawa - Jazz on the Steam Train, Paihia and Russell each morning add to the atmosphere of the festival. Street performances in the towns of Kawakawa, Paihia and Russell each morning add to the flavour of the festival.

Admission into the venues will be by badge only unless stated, they can be purchased at all Venues, B.O.I. ‘I’ Site in Paihia 0800 363 463 and Wards Music Shop in Whangarei 09 438 9063 or online www.jazz-blues.co.nz

Badges cost $40 which includes a programme, access to all venues during the weekend and shuttle buses between the venues at Paihia, Waitangi and Haruru Falls.

The 2007 programme will be available closer to the festival dates - August 10, 11 and 12.

Your chance to WIN free festival packages!
!! Badges, transport, accomodation and Dolphin cruises !!
Tune in to The Blues Room on Wednesdays from 9pm up until August for your chance to WIN.
Community Radio Hamilton
AM1206 & FM106.7
Or online www.communityradio.co.nz

For more information on the Bay of Islands Jazz & Blues Festival programme, contact: Shirley May,
phone 09 404-1063
email maysplace@actrix.co.nz