28 August 2008

2 August 2008

I have joined up on YouTube

Yeah OK, I'm slow I know but where I go I have fun in the sun but don't drink no rum, I only overfill my tum with raspberry buns!!!

Billy TK Jnr plays Biddy Mulligans

Was great seeing, hearing and finally meeting Billy TK Jnr. He played a three set gig which included many originals and covers of his heroes. It was loud and rocking for the most part. He's a really swell guy with time for anyone. Go see him when the chance arises. It doesn't come much better than Billy TK Jnr in New Zealand for Rock / Blues.

Ska Rhythm and Blues

I would love to play more of this Jamaican Ska blues on my show. Anyone with leads of where I can find this music buzz me ok.