28 November 2009

THE BLUES ROOM #202 The Blues of Sean Costello

THE BLUES ROOM #202 The Blues of Sean Costello
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1. Sean Costello - She Changed My Mind
2. Peter Green - Dust My Broom
3. Doc. John - Tipitia
4. Joe Bonamassa - You Upset Me
5. Sean Costello - Take Me Back
6. Sean Costello - Sail On
7. Sean Costello - Lovin Machine
8. Sean Costello - The Plumber
9. Sean Costello - Tell Me Baby
10. Sean Costello - Big Beaver
11. Sean Costello - Walking Blues
12. Sean Costello - Don't Be Wreckless With My Heart
13. Sean Costello - It Takes Time

The purpose of The Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bipolar Research is to apply Sean's celebrity and the love of Sean's fans and fellow musicians to increase research for treatment of Bipolar Disorder, develop and support education for early diagnosis and intervention, and translate the human side of bipolar disorder and its severity to improve outcomes and resources, especially for those without insurance, targeting the musical community.

Please check the following links to learn about Sean and Bi-Polar Disorder. RIP Sean ... you rock man, thanks for blessing our lives!!!

About Sean Costello: http://www.seancostellofund.org/sean-costello.html
About the fund: http://www.seancostellofund.org/about-the-fund.html
Sean's music: http://www.seancostellofund.org/store.html
Landslide Records: http://www.landsliderecords.com/

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21 November 2009

THE BLUES ROOM#201 Blues From DownUnder

THE BLUES ROOM #201 - Blues DownUnder - 18 Nov 09

Blues from Australia, and good blues at that!!! Next week I'll spotlight some incredible blues from the late Sean Costello off a 2009 release, Sean's Blues.

1. Sean Costello - Call The Cops

2. Gerry Joe Weise - Long Train Blues
3. Gerry Joe Weise - Great Dividing Blues
4. Gerry Joe Weise - Dreamtime Shuffle

5. James T and the Tomahawks - Good Thing
6. James T and the Tomahawks - Dr. Cupid
7. James T and the Tomahawks - On The Road Again

8. Doc Span Blues - In Every Way
9. Doc Span Blues - Whose Been Talking
10. Sean Costello - All Your Love (I Miss Loving)

14 November 2009

The Blues Room#200 Blues Leaf Records

Wow! Episode 200, now thats cool. Plan on The |Blues Room being around for another 200+ episodes, woohoo this is a great Blues ride!

In this episode I feature blues from artists released on Blues Leaf Records in New Jersey, USA. There's some mighty fine blues here and its about time I did this spotlight, I've been meaning to for some time. Big Ups to my good friend Rick Lusher for faithfully sending me new Blues leaf releases, cheers buddy. OK, enuff said, enjoy.

1. Albert Castilia - He's Got All The Whiskey
2. Sandy Mack - Never Enuff Rockin
3. Anni Piper - Come In My Kitchen
4. Todd Wolfe Band - Come In My Kitchen
5. Paul Oscher and Steve Guyger - I'll Go Out Walking
6. Nicole Hart - Heart Trouble
7. Albert Castilia - Need Your Love So Bad
8. Sandy Mack - Boogie Now
9. Todd Wolfe Band - Stranger Blues
10. Anni Piper - Texas Hold Em

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13 November 2009

AThank You From Albert Castiglia Blues Blast Award for Song Of The Year

Albert Castiglia won the Blues Song Of The Year
at the Blues Blast Awards for "Bad Year Blues" at Buddy Guy's in
Chicago. Albert has asked me to thank all the DJ's for supporting
him, and providing an outlet for his music. It was a special night,
and was the first time Albert had played Buddy's in 13 years.
The last time being was when he was in the Junior Wells Band.
Earlier this year Albert was nominated for A Blues Music Award,
and won the Blues Critic Award for "Bad Year Blues". Albert
hopes to visit more areas in 2010, and meet you all. Look for a
new CD in 2010, I can tell you the best is still to come.




Albert performing "Big Toe" Thursday night at the Blues Blast Awards


"Bad Year Blues" Video


2009 Blues Blast Music Awards Winners

Best Contemporary Blues Recording

The Insomniacs - At Least I'm Not With You

Best Traditional Blues Recording

Various Artists - Chicago Blues: A Living History

Best Blues Song

Albert Castiglia - "Bad Year Blues"

Best Blues Band

Nick Moss and The Flip Tops

Best Male Artist

Elvin Bishop

Best Female Artist

Robin Rogers

Best New Artist Debut Recording

Chris James & Patrick Rynn - Stop & Think About It

Sean Costello Rising Star Award

Kilborn Alley Blues Band

2009 Nominees

Best Contemporary Blues Recording

Best Traditional Blues Recording

Best Blues Song

Best Blues Band

Best Male Artist

Best Female Artist

Sean Costello Rising Star Award

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