28 June 2012

The Blues Room # 336 New Blues From Albert Castiglia

New tunes from Albert Castiglia (pronounced "ka-STEEL-ya") in this epsiode for you blues guitar lovers. Albert's new album, out now on Blues Leaf Records, is called 'Living The Dream' and it stands up to both Albert's and Blues Leaf's high standard of quality blues. A wizard on guitar and equally magical on vocals, Albert doesn't hold back on this rockin' blues album. He can really rock it out when he wants and yet bring it all down and beautiful too. A brilliant album! Enjoy. 

Episode 336, 27 June 2012
1. Albert Castiglia - Freddie's Boogie (Instrumental)
2. Albert Castiglia - Hoo Doo Man Blues
3. Albert Castiglia and Graham Wood Drout - Ghosts of Mississippi
4. Albert Castiglia - Catfish
5. Albert Castiglia - Fat Cat (Instrumental)
6. Albert Castiglia - Livin' The Dream
7. Albert Castiglia - Public Enemy #9
8. Albert Castiglia - Lovin' Cup
9. Albert Castiglia - Walk The Back Streets
10. Joe Louis Walker and Bonnie Raitt - Low Down Dirty Blues
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Albert 'Springing the Blues 2003', Jacksonville Beach, Florida

22 June 2012

The Blues Room # 335 Gary Primich: Just A Little Bit More

The first time I heard Gary Primich CDs I knew this guy was gonna teach me alot about blues harmonica, and I was right! He never ceases to amaze me with his control, tone and creativity of blues harmonica playing. Although Gary has passed on already to that great jam in the sky, his legacy lives and his music is well worth seeking out, I kid you not, he was a modern master! I spotlight his playing and a new release from him on this episode. The new album is called 'Just A Little Bit More' and it features great accompaniment by Omar Kent Dykes (another great blues man!). All details about Gary and this new album can be found at http://www.garyprimich.com/. Enjoy!

Episode 335, 20 June 2012

1. Gary Primich - Dallas Texas
2. Norton Buffalo and the Knockouts - Hoodoo Roux
3. Carlos del Junco - Junko Partner
4. Little Charlie and the Nightcats - Too Close Together
5. Johnny Wright and Steve Rusin - I Was In St. Louis
6. Billy Boy Arnold - I Wish You Would
7. James Cotton - Thats All Right
8. Gary Primich - Caravan
9. Gary Primich - Indiana
10. Gary Primich - Satelite Rock
11. Gary Primich - House Rockin' Party
12. Gary Primich - One Room Country Shack
13. Gary Primich - Down In Mississippi
14. Bacon Fat - Juicy Harmonica
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15 June 2012

The Blues Room # 334

Nate is joined by president of Hamilton Blues Society, Tony Kaye, once again for another Blues mix. Enjoy! 

Episode 334, 13 June 2012

1. Magic Sam - All Of Your Love
2. Mike Garner - When I Was A Boy
3. Fenton Robinson - Texas Flood
4. The Jimmy Rogers All-Stars - Don't Start Me Talking
5. Freddie King - You've Got To Love Her With A Feeling
6. Howling Wolf - Leave Here Walking
7. Chris Isaak - My Baby Left Me
8.The Jimmy Rogers All-Stars - Worried Life Blues
9. Walter Trout - Money Rules The World
10. Blues Etilicos - Texas Frogs
11. Li'l Ronnie And The Grand Dukes - Rockin'

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8 June 2012

The Blues Room # 333 Little Wolf

Every now and again I get sent to me a real fine CD from somewhere in this big world of ours. A few weeks ago that didn't happen, oh no, I didn't get one fine CD I got TWO!!! Thought you should hear what I've just discovered. Firstly, LittleWolf featuring Kristi Bess Clanton and Steve Lott. A great blend of sophistication and raw blues energy. And secondly, the best of The Steve Lott Band - rockin' good blues thats sure to hit the spot! The opening acts are great on this episode too!!! Your moneys here people or you do have a hole in your soul!! : )

"Kristi Bess Clanton, announces her arrival—and impressively—on this sampler. A singing star since childhood in Texas, she has blossomed into a great slide-steel guitarist and songwriter for LittleWolf. Her voice is simply spectacular. She can handle anything from a traditional blues shout to a heartbreaking ballad with the ease of a true artist. Tough as overdue rent or smooth as 20 year old bourbon…she can kill you with one note.

"…Steve Lott is the other principal singer/writer/guitarist in LittleWolf. Having toured the world extensively and released two award winning albums in Australia in 1999 and 2001, he came home to Texas to work with Kay Kay Greenwade (Kay Kay and The Rays) and Johnny Rawls in 2004. In 2009, after returning home from yet another two year road trip to New Zealand and Australia, a chance meeting between Clanton and Lott sparked off what is now LittleWolf. A new band. "

Episode 333, 6 June 2012

1. Johnny Winter Mojo Boogie
2. Lonnie Mack with Stevie Ray Vaughn - Double Whammy
3. George Thorogood and the Destroyers - Willie Dixon's Gone
4. Carlos Del Junco and the Blues Mongrels - Mojo
5. The Reverendos - Route 66
6. Memphis Gold - Picking In High Cotton

7. Little Wolf - Gone By Morning
8. Little Wolf - The Low Water Crossing
9. Little Wolf - Twenty Lies Ago
10. The Steve Lotts Band - Money Don't Care
11. The Steve Lotts Band - Bad Information
12. The Steve Lotts Band - Tamborine Walk (HOT!)

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5 June 2012

The Blues Room # 332 Guest Interview with Brent Strathdee

I can't think of a better way to end New Zealand Music Month 2012 than to interview a new and upcoming blues hotshot homegrown in New Zealand!!! Introducing 'Mr S' aka Brent Strathdee. Brent shares all about his musical journey to date and about some of his projects. You can check out more of his music here: http://soundcloud.com/bridgemode_records. I also drop some great new tunes from Delta Groove Productions label by Nathan James and The Rhythm Scratchers!

Episode 332, 30 May 2012 

1. Bob Dylan - Its All Good
2. Eddie Tigner - Please Send Me Someone To Love
3. Mr S - Can't Be Satisfied [NZ] !HOT!
4. Interview with Brent Strathdee
5. Steve Earle - South Nashville Blues
6. Justin Townes Earle - One More Night In Brooklyn
7. Nathan James and The Rhythm Scratchers - Chosen Kind
8. Nathan James and The Rhythm Scratchers - Black Snakin' Jiver
9. Nathan James and The Rhythm Scratchers - Pretty Baby Don't Be Late
10. Nathan James and The Rhythm Scratchers - Blues Headache

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