28 June 2012

The Blues Room # 336 New Blues From Albert Castiglia

New tunes from Albert Castiglia (pronounced "ka-STEEL-ya") in this epsiode for you blues guitar lovers. Albert's new album, out now on Blues Leaf Records, is called 'Living The Dream' and it stands up to both Albert's and Blues Leaf's high standard of quality blues. A wizard on guitar and equally magical on vocals, Albert doesn't hold back on this rockin' blues album. He can really rock it out when he wants and yet bring it all down and beautiful too. A brilliant album! Enjoy. 

Episode 336, 27 June 2012
1. Albert Castiglia - Freddie's Boogie (Instrumental)
2. Albert Castiglia - Hoo Doo Man Blues
3. Albert Castiglia and Graham Wood Drout - Ghosts of Mississippi
4. Albert Castiglia - Catfish
5. Albert Castiglia - Fat Cat (Instrumental)
6. Albert Castiglia - Livin' The Dream
7. Albert Castiglia - Public Enemy #9
8. Albert Castiglia - Lovin' Cup
9. Albert Castiglia - Walk The Back Streets
10. Joe Louis Walker and Bonnie Raitt - Low Down Dirty Blues
Download this episode by right clicking on this link ALBERT and selecting 'save target as' from the drop down menu.
Albert 'Springing the Blues 2003', Jacksonville Beach, Florida

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