30 September 2010

The Blues Room#244 The Desotos Return to Hamilton

The Blues Room Presents ...
The DeSotos Return to Hamilton
Epiosde 244, 22 September 2010

In this episode I catch up with Stuart the bass player for the Desotos band.
They play Biddy Mulligans on 30th September.

1. The DeSotos - The Spirit [NZ]
2. Lil Ian Goodsman - Falling Down Blues [NZ]
3. Lil Ian Goodsman - Boogie for Blind Boy Fuller [NZ]
4. Justin Townes Earle - Working for the MTA
5. The DeSotos - Sat on a Mountain [NZ]
6. Hammond Gamble - It's Been Too Long [NZ]
7. Darren Watson - Love is an Ocean [NZ]
8. Cephas and Wiggins - Catfish Blues
9. Doc Charlie - Mailman Blues


23 September 2010

The Blues Room#243 Shake Em On Down South

The Blues Room presents ...
Shake Em Down South
Episode 243, 15 September 2010

Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand was hit by one of the biggest earthquakes New Zealand has ever experienced. This episode is played with those effected in mind. May you stay strong, stay focused and rebuild one day at a time. Shake em on down!

1. RL Burnside - Shake Em On Down
2. Doctor Ross - Shake Em On Down
3. Paul Butterfiled Band - Shake Your Money Maker
4. Rod Piazza and the Migthy Flyers Band - Hate to see you go / Shake your hips
5. Bill Thomas - Shake down
6. Sam Cooke - Shake
7. Maceo Parker - Shake everything you got
8. Jimmy Barnes - Shake, Rattle and Roll
9. SRV and Double Trouble - Shake For Me


15 September 2010

Blues September Showdown, Viligrad Winery featuring Darcy Perry

Blue September Showdown! Vilagrad Winery 2010. A fundraiser organised by blues guitarist Darcy Perry, who gathered an impressive lineup of blues and roots musicians all donating their time to raise awareness for prostate cancer. It was a full house with guests all painting their faces blue for the evening in support of the cause.

Blue September is the annual awareness campaign launched by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand to draw attention to prostate cancer in New Zealand - one of the biggest killers of New Zealand men. It is estimated that at least half of the 600 annual deaths from prostate cancer could have been prevented had the cancer been diagnosed and treated early enough.

Spokesperson for Blue September, Darcy Perry, said, "Men are dying quietly in New Zealand. Cancer took the lives of both my dad and my father in-law. Men need to start taking action, talking to their doctors and taking better care of their health." Mr Perry said that he hoped if anything was to come out of the evening, it would be that it would result in a man somewhere having his life saved through early detection.

The line-up for the evening was diverse, from solo acoustic acts to lively electric blues bands, with every person appearing on stage painting their face blue to support prostate cancer awareness. Artists included Darcy Perry, Regan, Pete Fountain, Ashley Knox, Rachel Hope, Faith Miru, The Flaming Mudcats, The Gunsmiths, Andre Ngapo, Three's A Crowd, and Nate Taiapa.

For more information on Blue September, visit www.blueseptember.org

8 September 2010

The Blues Room# 242 B-Side Band - interview with Paul

The Blues Room presents ...

B-Side Band Interview

Episode 242, 8 Sept 2010

Paul - harmonica sax player and vocalist for B-Side Band - joins Nate on air to chat about the band's amped up, raunchy, rockabilly sounding CD out now on cdbaby.com called 'Down Under & Blues'.

1. Darcy Perry Band - Soul a Man [NZ]
2. Dave Specter - The Funky Hunky
3. B-Side Band - Shame Shame Shame
Interview with Paul of B-Side Band
4. Dave Specter - See see Rider
5. Dave Specter - Azulado
6. B-Side Band - Yeah, You Don't Know [NZ]
7. B-Side Band - Medley: Jesus on the Mainline & Bad Boy [NZ]
8. B-Side Band - 21st Century Blues [NZ]
9. Walter Trout feat Deacon Jones - After hours
10. Jahstafai - LIVE in Studio [NZ]
11. Regan Perry - Wiser [NZ]
12. Darcy Perry Band feat Simen Blueskeys Taylor - Get the Hell OPutta My Face [NZ]
13. Albert Castiglia - Going Upstairs
14. Craig Bracken - I Want My Money Back [NZ]

4 September 2010

The Blues Room# 241 Darcy Perry gives Lowdown on Blues September Showdown

The Blues Room presents ...
Darcy Perry gives the Lowdown
on Blue September Showdown
Episode 241, 01 September 2010

Darcy Perry joins Nate in this episode to talk all about the Blue September Showdown on 18th September at Viligrad Winery. Things are shaping up and I for one know it's going to be a wonderful evening of fine food and drink and great NZ music. For more details about Blue September and the Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ please visit their website: click here.

1. Simen Bluekeys Taylor - Diamond Ring
2. Dave Specter - Stick to the hip
Darcy Perry Interview with music
3. Arsen Shomakhov - Joker
4. Arsen Shomakhov - On the move
5. Arsen Shomakhov Swingy
6. Albert Collins - Frosty
7. Bacon Fat - Juicy Harmonica
8. Pete Fountain - Heavy Tonight [NZ]
9. John Juke Logan - Love me like that
10. Todd Rundgren - Kind Hearted Woman
11. T-Bone Walker - Papa Ain't Salty
12. Big Joe Louis - Treat Your Daddy Right
13. Dave Specter - Octavate'n
14. Katy Soljak - Georgia [NZ]
15. Haggis - Gee Baby [NZ]
16. Bill Sims and Mark Lavoie - Goin Uptown
17. Dave Specter - Wash Out