4 September 2010

The Blues Room# 241 Darcy Perry gives Lowdown on Blues September Showdown

The Blues Room presents ...
Darcy Perry gives the Lowdown
on Blue September Showdown
Episode 241, 01 September 2010

Darcy Perry joins Nate in this episode to talk all about the Blue September Showdown on 18th September at Viligrad Winery. Things are shaping up and I for one know it's going to be a wonderful evening of fine food and drink and great NZ music. For more details about Blue September and the Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ please visit their website: click here.

1. Simen Bluekeys Taylor - Diamond Ring
2. Dave Specter - Stick to the hip
Darcy Perry Interview with music
3. Arsen Shomakhov - Joker
4. Arsen Shomakhov - On the move
5. Arsen Shomakhov Swingy
6. Albert Collins - Frosty
7. Bacon Fat - Juicy Harmonica
8. Pete Fountain - Heavy Tonight [NZ]
9. John Juke Logan - Love me like that
10. Todd Rundgren - Kind Hearted Woman
11. T-Bone Walker - Papa Ain't Salty
12. Big Joe Louis - Treat Your Daddy Right
13. Dave Specter - Octavate'n
14. Katy Soljak - Georgia [NZ]
15. Haggis - Gee Baby [NZ]
16. Bill Sims and Mark Lavoie - Goin Uptown
17. Dave Specter - Wash Out


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