16 July 2009

Yellow Dog Records : Fiona Boyes, Mary Flower

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New album - Fiona Boyes "Blues Woman"

Fiona Boyes - Blues WomanOur newest album, just released to radio, is Blues Woman, the new studio/contemporary blues album from guitarist/vocalist Fiona Boyes.

Recorded in Austin TX, with a full band including special guests Marcia Ball, Pinetop Perkins, and Watermelon Slim,
Blues Woman manifests the soulful, authoritative style of this native Australian and three-time Blues Music Award nominee to full effect. Its 15 songs run a rollicking trip through the contemporary blues landscape — from Chicago to Texas to Mississippi's hill country and the Delta, all evocatively conjured by Boyes' and producer Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff's true-to-the-bone arrangements.

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New album - Mary Flower "Bridges"

Mary Flower - BridgesOur previous release, from earlier this year, is Bridges by acoustic folk/blues guitarist Mary Flower.

Nominated "Acoustic Artist of the Year" in the 2008 Blues Music Awards and with two top-three finishes in the National Fingerpicking Guitar Championship to her credit, Mary Flower is a highly respected and world-renowned singer/guitarist who boasts more stylistic diversity than just about any other artist currently recording under the "acoustic blues" banner.

Bridges brings together influences from a myriad of roots music genres, blending acoustic blues, ragtime, jazz, and old-time gospel music into a unique whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. With a passel of musical guests including Tim O'Brien and Tony Furtado, the resulting album combines the smoothness of Bonnie Raitt with the whimsical vaudevillian charisma of Leon Redbone and the early jazz inflections of artists like Fats Waller and Jelly Roll Morton.

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About Yellow Dog Records

Based in Memphis, TN, Yellow Dog Records was founded in 2002 with the goal of cultivating the American musical heritage. The label features artists who emphasize innovative approaches to authentic American musical roots traditions - Blues, Jazz, Soul, and Americana styles. By providing support for recording, production, promotion and distribution, Yellow Dog Records brings this vital music to new and wider audiences. For more information and to hear sound samples, please visit http://www.yellowdogrecords.com/.


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Byron Bay’s party of the year – a big success Bluesfest director Peter Noble turns 60 in style, celebrates 43 years in the music business

Byron Bay's party of the year – a big success

Bluesfest director Peter Noble turns 60 in style, celebrates 43 years in the music business

For immediate release – Last Friday night, July 3rd 2009, the beautiful hinterland of Australia's eastern most point, witnessed what is already being called the "Byron Bay party of the year so far" by attending guests.

Local luminary Peter Noble, festival director of the iconic Byron Bay Bluesfest – reached the milestone of 60 years of age on July 2nd, and what a 60th birthday bash it was! Limousines picked up and dropped off every single guest to a breath taking property on Emerald Valley Farm in the Byron Shire for a (responsible) celebration that lasted well into the next day.

Guests flew in from all around Australia and the world, and from as far as London. Peter Noble's daughter even flew in unexpectedly from the United States to surprise her dad. Old and new friends alike paid tribute to Peter with Glenn Shorrock performing all his fantastic Little River Band hits. Glenn was matched only by superb Byron locals The Old Spice Boys who impressed with their extraordinary live repertoire which uses just a ukulele, a tea-chest (one-string) bass and a solitary snare drum.

Founding members of Sherbet and 10cc were also in attendance, and quote of the night came from Sherbet's original vocalist, Dennis Laughlin – who played with Noble in their first band, Clapham Junction, before going on to Sherbet and to eventually manage ACDC. Speaking about their first band, Dennis said, "You know, we were only 17, but we were making twice as much as our dads!"

Peter Noble said, "It was wonderful to be surrounded by such tremendous friends and musicians from all the different eras of my life. We worked out I've been in the music industry for 43 years – and I'm still standing!

"Of course we partied hard, but had no noise complaints and achieved an impressive 75% to 80% recycling rate in line with our Bluesfest environmental philosophies. I have to add we were still trying to get all the musos out by 11am the following morning for their afternoon flights back to Melbourne!"

Other industry guests included Bill Hauritz and Rhoda Roberts, also directors for the Woodford Folk Festival and The Festival of the Dreaming respectively.

For further MEDIA information please contact

Gaynor Crawford on (02) 6699 3437, or gaynor@gaynorcrawford.com


VizzTone label group proudly presents new CDs by two BIG BLUESMEN

"Chicago blues is a powerful force in the right hands, which, in this case, belong to the son of Muddy Waters. The comparisons are inevitable, but the big man is up to the challenge" – Entertainment Weekly

"Big Bill is a singer/songwriter who surely would have made Muddy smile."
– Guitar Player

Natural-born son of blues giant McKinley Morganfield (aka Muddy Waters,) BIG BILL MORGANFIELD has emerged in the past few years as one of the top young blues talents in America. Bill's 1999 debut was met with a W.C. Handy (Blues Music) Award for "Best New Artist Debut," as well as an avalanche of praise in the press.
Big Bill Morganfield's Born Lover reveals and celebrates his journey and progress as a Blues artist. He delivers original songs, strong covers, a wide variety of styles, and fiery slide guitar. Bill's singing has taken an exciting leap forward in both power and nuance. He tells his own stories and still honors his father, Muddy Waters, with the tone of deep Chicago Blues. Produced by Brian Bisesi and Bob Margolin.

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"How this guy stayed under the radar for as long as he has is a real head-scratcher... A powerhouse singer with blues instincts increasingly rare these days, the 70-something Pearson shouts and scorches with energy rarely found in artists half his age."

"Phoenix, Arizona based blues shouter Big Pete Pearson has been thrilling blues audiences in his hometowm, and Europe, for over 50 years."
– Mick Rainsford, Blues in Britain
Born in Jamaica in 1936, BIG PETE PEARSON relocated to Texas with his parents as a child. He began his musical career in the juke joints of Austin's East side, playing bass alongside the likes of T.D. Bell, Blues Boy Hubbard, and Pete's younger cousin, W.C. Clark. After playing a few gigs in Phoenix, Arizona in the late 50's, Pete relocated there and quickly became the de facto King of the Arizona blues scene. Big Pete remained a pretty well-kept local secret until his 2007 release, I'm Here Baby on Blue Witch Records, which introduced Pete to the worldwide blues community as a first-class Blues shouter.
By now, Big Pete Pearson's powerhouse vocals and larger-than-life stage persona have delighted audiences around the world. Produced by Bob Corritore for Southwest Musical Arts Foundation Records, Finger In Your Eye is Pete's first all-original blues album, featuring 10 of his own compositions. Big Pete is nimbly backed on this CD by his touring band, the Rhythm Room Allstars: Bob Corritore (harp), Chris James (guitar), Patrick Rynn (bass), and Brian Fahey (drums). As usual, Pete has attracted a bevy of very special guests, including Pinetop Perkins, Duke Robillard, Henry Gray, Billy Flynn, Doug James, and Eddie Taylor, Jr.
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