30 July 2011

The Blues Room #288

The Blues Room presnts ..
Music Maker Blues Revue
Episode 288, 27 July 2011

I remember seeing the Music Maker Blues Revue at Byron Bay Bluesfest and absolutely loved them. TRhe line up has changed since then but the fell, the soul and the downhome blues they played has not. One things for sure, if you don't feel what this band or what the Music Make Relief Fund are doing for a) Musician Sustenance - grants to meet basic life needs and emergency relief; b) Musical Development - grants and services for recipient artist professional development and career advancement, and c) Cultural Access - supports the preservation and proliferation of American musical traditions, then yes, you just may have a hole in your soul.

The music featured in this episode reaches a major landmark for MMRF and it occurred when they embarked on their most ambitious Music Maker Revue European tour to date. Seven MMBR artists, including Pat “Mother Blues” Cohen, Pat Wilder, Albert White, Eddie Tigner, Nashid Abdul, Dr. Burt, Ardie Dean and Alabama Slim, traveled across Europe, performing five shows a week for five weeks to spread their talent and dedication to music. Here's part one of a two part series featuring what I want to call 'Blues on a mission'. Be sure to check out the video clips below, the second one is a crack up! Enjoy


1. Watermelon Slim and Super Chikan - I don't wear no sunglasses
2. Thomas Oliver Band - Goin' Home
3. Music Maker Blues Revue feat. Pura Fe' - Borders
4. Music Maker Blues Revue feat. Pura Fe' - Summertime
5. Music Maker Blues Revue feat. Dr Burt - What Can An Old Man Do But
Sing The Blues
6. Music Maker Blues Revue feat. Eddie Tigner - Let the Good Times Roll
7. Music Maker Blues Revue feat. Eddie Tigner - (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
8. Music Maker Blues Revue feat. Eddie Tgner - Going Down Slow
9. Michael Powers - I Ain't Superstitious
10. Fiona Boyes, Mookie Brill, & Rich Delgrosso - Get Your Nose Outta
My Bizness!


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