28 December 2011

The Blues Room # 309 Blue Before Christmas

Episode 309, 21 December 2011

1. The Soul of John Black - Santa Claus Needs Some Lovin'
2. The Blues Buffet - Cold Turkey for Christmas [NZ]
3. The Flaming Mudcats - I Wait For You [NZ]
4. Seasick Steve - Christmas Prison Blues
5. The Thomas Oliver Band - No Sign Of You [NZ]
6. Mark Hummel - I Just Keep Lovin Her
7. Tip of the Top - One Way Out
8. Tip of the Top - She's Fine
9. Tip of the Top - Slidin' Home
10. Tip of the Top - My Babys Gone (And I Feel Good)
11. Keb Mo - The Christmas Song

Download by right clicking on the link and selecting 'save target as...' MP3 or ZIP

http://www.archive.org/flow/flowplayer.commercial-3.2.1.swf" />http://www.archive.org/flow/flowplayer.commercial-3.2.1.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="640" height="26" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" cachebusting="true" bgcolor="#000000" quality="high" flashvars="config={'key':'#$aa4baff94a9bdcafce8','playlist':[{'url':'THEBLUESROOM_309_BLUES_BEFORE_CHRISTMAS_21DEC2011.mp3','autoPlay':false}],'clip':{'autoPlay':true,'baseUrl':'http://www.archive.org/download/TheBluesRoom309BluesBeforeChristmas_21dec2011/'},'canvas':{'backgroundColor':'#000000','backgroundGradient':'none'},'plugins':{'audio':{'url':'http://www.archive.org/flow/flowplayer.audio-3.2.1-dev.swf'},'controls':{'playlist':false,'fullscreen':false,'height':26,'backgroundColor':'#000000','autoHide':{'fullscreenOnly':true},'scrubberHeightRatio':0.6,'timeFontSize':9,'mute':false,'top':0}},'contextMenu':[{},'-','Flowplayer v3.2.1']}">

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