20 September 2014

Joe Bonamassa Rocked Auckland Town Hall

Credit: Joe Bonamassa (12 Sept 14, Auckland, NZ)
Joe Bonamassa came to play a concert in the Auckland town hall last Friday, it was his first time in New Zealand and I have to say - he rocked!!!! He opened with an acoustic set then rocked it out electric. The place was packed, the sound was loud, and the night was magic! 

I wasn't going to go (being a music lover one has to pick and choose which concerts to go to as it can get pretty expensive) but when a friend offered me a ride I jumped to the opportunity. I'm glad I did! When I got to the venue I needed to purchase my ticket so I left my place in line (I could hear Joe starting up his acoustic set!!) and literally ran to the ticket sales booth. I presenting my credit card and said I needed to purchase a ticket. A sales person asked me if I was there to buy a ticket or pick up a ticket. I said to buy a ticket. She held up a ticket that some one didn't need as their friend had not been able to make it last minute, and she asked if I'd like the ticket, for free! Well hell yeah, YES PLEASE! I thanked them and went in to the concert. The door person looked at my ticket and excitedly said, 'you got the free ticket!' She told me that the person who gave up the ticket would be sitting on my right. 

What a pleasure it was to meet Wayne Alexander of Dunedin, Unfortunately I had no cash to give him in return for the ticket but posting him some blues-rock CDs might be a small way to say 'thank you'! I'm so glad I went to see Joe Bonamassa!!!! Heres a highlight clip I took, not only was Joe's guitar and singing tops, his drummer and percussionist were boss!!!

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