14 September 2013

N is for NEW 2013 Releases [#399]

I get many CDs and tunes posted or emailed to me and I appreciate them all! Theres some fine blues being played by both the famous and the unknown and I just wanted to acknowledge some of the rock-blues tunes sent to me recently, so here tis! 
Next week is our 400th episode and I have a big blues package for someone to win so stay tuned!!

The Blues Room, Episode 399, 11 September 2013

1. Mark Cook - One Step Closer
2. Gary US Bonds - Thats My Story
3. Tommy Keys - Life Is Too Short
4. JP Blues - Keep On Walking
5. Todd Wolfe Band - Locket Full Of Blues
6. The Kendall Wall Band - Just One More Time
7. Boz Scaggs - You Got Me Cryin
8. Mister S - Strangers Grave [NZ]
10. Buddy Guy - Too Dam Bad

Download link for this episode: 399

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