20 September 2013

The Blues Room Reaches Its 400th Episode!

Episode 400, 18 September 2013

About 8 years ago I started The Blues Room with a passion to help keep the blues alive. 400 episodes later I still have the passion and I can say the blues most certainly is alive and well in Hamilton, New Zealand. Hosting a weekly radio show (or in my case 2 weekly shows!) comes with its challenges but it also has its rewards. Its been a mission getting myself organized and up into the Free FM studio by 8.45pm each Wednesday but to have someone text or phone the studio to ask, 'wow, who's that you're playing?' or to have someone let me know they appreciate turning on the radio to hear blues music has made it all worthwhile. 

I've met some truly awesome people along this journey, too many to thank all at once here but I couldn't have done it without them. Free FM 89.0 has been excellent in allowing me to broadcast my show, Phil Grey the manager has given me full support as have his team of staff. Many local musicians and overseas acts have provided their support and music, some have paid a visit to The Blues Room whether in person or via the phone by way of an interview, like Thomas Oliver in this episode. Darcy Perry has believed in me and been a blues mentor along the way. To all the blues lovers and listeners who have kept me going week in week out to bring you a weekly serving of fresh, cool blues, I just want to say thank you, thank you very very much!!
Heres to another 400 episodes!

1. JD McPhearson - I Can't Complain
2. Tab Benoit - Matchbox Blues
3. Taj Mahal - Built For Comfort
4. Buddy Guy - I Came Up Hard
5. Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite - She Got Kick
6. Big Morganfield - Moneys Getting Cheaper
7. The Hillbilly Moon Explosion
8. Thomas Oliver - Coming Back To Life [NZ]
9. Thomas Oliver - The Moment [NZ]
10. Thomas Oliver - Jurassic Park Theme [NZ]
11. Thomas Oliver - Let It Not Be Lost [NZ]
12. Darcy Perry - Blues On Broadbeach [NZ]
13. Walter Trout - Pain In The Streets

Download link for this episode: 400!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I stumbled across your blog from the http://archive.org searching 'harmonica'. To introduce myself, you can hear my drumming on most William Clarke LP's or cassettes, or CD's, and on Alligator Records. I also drum on Alligator Records release of Floyd Dixon "Wake Up And Live" CD. I also was tour drummer for '13 Featuring Lester Butler: http://www.youtube.com/user/DrummerMMXIII
It is sad that we lost William Clarke and Lester Butler. Now what we get for Blues harmonica is the lower level players that only wished to be as skilled as William Clarke and or Lester Butler, but mostly William Clarke. There is one song that separates the 'men' from the 'wanna-be's' in the Blues harmonica world, and that song is "Blowin' Like Hell' by William Clarke. I know of only ONE Blues harmonica 'player' that CAN play that song and not fumble or slobber all over the place: Big Pete, and not the 'other' Big Pete. Dig out that copy of 'Blowin' Like Hell' and think about it before placing 'glory' on the left-over 'wanna-be's' of the Blues harmonica. Even though I play the drums, I do know the difference. Try it yourself. Ask any 'guy' with a harmonica to play 'Blowin' Like Hell' and see what you get.