28 June 2013

H is for Harmonica Scorchers! [#389]

I started The Blues Room over 7 years ago to bring you episodes like this one! I need to play more Harmonica Scorchers! Anyways, heres a setlist of mainly modern harmonica masters to get you all excited about either picking up a harmonica or continuing to play one. Thanks to David Barrett for pointing out some of these players, I hadn't heard of a Jim Liban before - more from him coming in future shows! I'll let the experts strut their stuff. Enjoy!

Episode 389, 27 June 2013

1. Mark Hummel - Harp Shuffle
2. Buddy Guy and Junior Wells - Give Me My Coat and Shoes
3. Brandon Santini - Been So Blue
4. Rick Estrin - Don't Boss Me
5. Bob Corritore - 1815 West Roosevelt
6. Satan and Adam - I'm a Girl Watcher
7. Gary Smith - Minor Mambo
8. Jim Liban - All Corned Up
9. Jerry McCain - Honky Tonk
10. Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers - The Bounce
11. Paul deLay - Jimmy Jones
12. Curtis Salgado - El Gado Rumba Azul

Download link for this episode: 389

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