5 July 2013

More Harmonica Scorchers! [#390]

Episode 390, 3 July 2013

Theres no way in hell or heaven that I can do justice to the world of blues harmonica in a couple of hour episodes of blues radio but hopefully you enjoy this small selection of more scorching harmonica tunes. more to come in future show but let's more on from here with the ABC's of Blues series, next up we have the letter I ... I is for Instrumentals! Oh yeah, and thats my two sons in the picture above, with MY harmonicas I might add, haha!

1. James Cotton - Bonnie Blues
2. RJ Mischo - Not Your Good Man
3. The Flaming Mudcats (harp: Craig Bracken) - Big City Mama [NZ]
4. Hot Club Sandwich (harp: Neil Billington) - I Like It Like That [NZ]
5. King Leo and the Growling Dogs - Down The Nui [NZ]
6. Brendon Power - Onion Blues [NZ]
7. Ronnie Shellist - Shoes
8. Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones (harp: Dennis Gruenling) - Bella's Boogie
9. Rob Paparozzi - Peg O Heart
10. Rob Paparozzi - Peg
11. Big Walter Horton and Charlie Musselwhite - Rockin' My Boogie
12. The Red Devils (harp: lester Butler) - Quarter To Twelve 
13. Brownie McGhee with Sugar Blue - Blues Had A Baby

Download link for this episode: 390

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