6 June 2013

G is for (Blues) Guitarists from New Zealand [#385]

Photo Credit: Thomas Oliver Band 

Episode 385, 5 June 2013
Featured in this episode are blues guitarists from New Zealand. One hour is hardly enough time to showcase all the many great guitarists we have in NZ - we even went over our blues-hour by 20 minutes to bring you this selection! 

If you know of any other great NZ blues guitarists that I can feature in the next episode of 'Blues Guitarist of New Zealand' then please let me know! Enjoy!

1. Brilleaux - This Ain't Rock n Roll
2. Peri Kohu's Blues Busters - Queen Street Shuffle
3. Paul Garner Band - Hoochie Coochie Man
4. River Rockers - The Thrill Is Gone
5. Swamp Thing - Hot Potato
6. The Thomas Oliver Band - Baby I'll Play
7. Mike Brosnan - Slide Action
8. Chris Thompson - Let The Four Winds Blow
9. Mike Garner - When I Was A Boy
10. Blues Buffet - Blues Is My Business
11. Darcy Perry Band - Phoenix
12. The Flaming Mudcats - Double Ds
13. Darren Watson - A Desperate Man
14. Billy TK Jnr and The Groove shakers - Blues Benediction

Download link for this episode: 385

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