13 March 2016

#527 :: Interview with Jan Mittendorp of Black & Tan Records (Netherlands)

The Blues Room, 9 March 2016

Episode #527

Jan Mittendorp of Black and Tan Records (Netherlands) is marrying the past with the present. Hes remixing, revamping and recreating the sound of the blues and is calling it 'Electro Blues'. In this episode I interview Jan about Electro Blues and give listeners a taste of what Electro Blues sounds like. He has many projects going on and we talk all about them too.

Please check out what Jan is doing by visiting his new and improved website here http://www.blackandtanrecords.nl/

Here's a clip by one of Jan's Black & Tan recording artists, Big George Jackson. This tune was heard on the first season of Sons Of Anarchy.

Playlist includes many of Jan's productions as well as a few examples of Electro Blues.
1. Charlie Beale feat. Robert Johnson - Stop Breakin' Down Blues
2. Howling Wolf - Spoonful (AZK Remix)
3. miXendorp feat. Boo Boo Davis - Ice Storm
4. Boo Boo Davis - The Snake
5. miXendorp - Beggin' Ain't For Me
6. Doug MacLeod and miXendorp - Plowin Mule Remix
7. miXendorp feat. Turnip Greens - SixSixtySix
8. miXendorp feat. Boo Boo Davis - Who Stole The Booty
9. Big Mama's Beat - Mississippi Big Beat
10. Billy Jones - Here With You
11. BLu ACiD - Money

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