29 August 2013

Bert Deivert: Blues Mandolin Goes Folky Old-Time [#397]

Episode 397, 28 August 2013

Talk about a lucky run of interviews! I have learnt so much from my interviews with some of the world's top blues mandolin players over the last few weeks. Here I get to talk to Bert Deivert, another modern mandolin master playing blues and roots music, while he enjoys his morning coffee in Sweden. An award winning artist and world traveler Bert is one of the only 5 or so modern blues mandolin players who has released an album featuring blues mandolin. I hope you enjoy the interview and mix of fine tunes. 

But wait! Theres more! 

Bert informs me that Billy Flynn is also playing blues mandolin and has released a blues mandolin album. Watch this space!

1. Memphis Gold - Biscuit Boogie
2. Bert Deivert - Kid Man Blues
3. Bert Deivert - Lula
4. Bert Deivert - Nongharn Blues
5. Bert Deivert - Rob and Steal
6. Billy Flynn - Mandolin Special
7. Big Walter Horton with Johnny Young - She Left Me With A Mule To Ride
8. Memphis Gold - How You Gonna Play The Blues

Download link for this episode: 397

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