19 August 2013

More Mandolin Blues with Gerry Hundt [#395]

Episode 395, 14 August 2013

I first heard about Gerry Hundt through Ronnie Shellist when I interviewed Ronnie about his blues harmonica projects and new album in episode#342 . Gerry had performed mandolin on a few of Ronnie songs and one of them became my immediate favorite, its called Shoes (hear a sample).

Here Gerry talks about his career as a musician and about his passion for the blues mandolin. I never realized just how much of a role the mandolin has played in blues music. I'm glad Gerry accepted my invitation to be interviewed live to air, it made the time about 4.30am for Gerry! Gerry's musical talents don't just stop at mandolin, hes a multi-instrumentalist and can play guitar, harmonica, bass, piano, drums, lap-steel just to name a few. 

Next week I'll be interviewing another great mandolin player, Rich Delgrosso, and asking him all about his experiences with the blues mandolin. In the meantime, enjoy this episode, featuring Gerry Hundt.

1. Gerry Hundt - Ready to Go
2. Ronnie Shellist with Gerry Hundt - Eyesight to The Blind
3. Gerry Hundt - End of the Day Blues 
4. Gerry Hundt - The Union Meetin' 
5. Gerry Hundt - Bad Water 
6. Bert Deivert with Memphis Gold - Goin' Down South 
7. Otis Taylor - Black's Mandolin Boogie 

Download link for this episode: 395

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