4 April 2013

The Blues Room # 376 B is for ... BIG Blues!

Heres another episode for the 'ABCs of the Blues' series that I started a few episodes ago. We're up to the letter B and tonight its all about artists who took on the name 'BIG' as part of their stage name. Have you ever wondered what your blues name might be? Check the chart below for a bit of blues humor!

Episode 376, 3 April 2013
1 The Big Three Trio - Big 3 Stomp
2 Big Daddy Charles Stallings - James
3 Big Pete - I'm A Business Man (Feat. Paul Oscher)
4 Big Memphis Ma Rainey - Baby, No No
5 Big George Jackson (miX&dorp) - Beggin Ain't For Me
6 Big Pete Pearson - Possum Up a Tree
7 Big D - Well You Know
8 Big Joe Louis & His Blues Kings - She Was All the World to Me
9 Big Joe Williams - Baby please don't go
10 Big Walter Horton - We All Got to Go (Sometime)
11 Big Jack Johnson - Hummin' Blues
12 Big Daddy Wilson - If You Were Mine
13 Big Jay McNeely - Roadhouse Boogie - Let It Roll
14 Big Maybelle - It's A Man's Man's World
15 Big Mojo Elem - Special Kind of Love
16 Big Ed & His Combo (Eddie Burns) - Biscuit Baking Woman

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