19 April 2013

TBR#378 D is for DIXON

William James ”Willie“ Dixon (July 1, 1915 – January 29, 1992)

When I say the name Willie Dixon what do you think of? Chances are you know who Willie Dixon is or was for the world of Blues, especially Chicago blues. And chances are you know of at least one of his songs if not more, and if you are a performing musician if highly likely you have performed a song written by Willie Dixon. D is for Dixon, Willie Dixon and this episode of the ABCs of Blues pays a wee tribute to him and his awesome contribution to the world of blues. Enjoy!

See what Willie Dixon's grandson is up to these days: http://www.dixonlandingmusic.com/

Episode 378, 17 April 2013
1. Robert Nighthawk - Black Angel Blues (Sweet Black Angel)
2. Chuck Berry - Brown Eyed Handsome Man
3. The Big Three Trio - I Ain't Gonna Be Your Monkey Man
4. The Big Three Trio - If The Sea Was Whiskey
5. Big Walter Horton - Have A Good Time
6. Kenny Neal and Billy Branch - My Babe
7. The Doors - Back Door Man
8. Muddy Waters - You Need Love
9. Taj Mahal - Built For Comfort
10. Michael Powers - I Ain't Superstitious
11. Gary Moore - Evil
12. Robin Trower - Little Red Rooster
13. Red Devils - I'm Ready
14. The Blues Experience with Cash Mc Call - Bring It On Home

Download link for this episode: 378

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