10 December 2010

The Blues Room 255 Darren Watson: Is He Saint Hilda's Faithless Boy?

The Blues Room presents ...
Darren Watson
Saint Hilda's Faithless Boy
Episode 255, 8 December 2010
Darren Watson's new album has to be one of the best contempory blues albums of 2010! Without a doubt! Love it! He joins me to talk all about it in this episode and we get a taste of what it sounds like. Enjoy.

1. Darren Watson - She Got It All
2. Buddy Guy - Skanky
3. Eric Bibb - A Good Woman
4. Darren Watson - Here in my Arms
5. Darren Watson - Be Careful With a Fool
Interview with Darren Watson
6. Darren Watson - He Don't Love You
7. Darren Watson - Can't Get Enough Of You
8. Darren Watson - WTLIF
9. Kitty Daisy and Lewis - (Baby) Hold Me Tight
10. George Thorogood and the Destroyers - Howling For My Baby


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