7 March 2007

Detroit Women Rock!

Who would have guessed that the keyboardist for one of the hottest Rhythm and Blues Women's Bands would be someone who has lived in New Zealand?

Susie Woodman has been the keyboardist for both Meatloaf and Grammy Award winner Richard Wagner of Alice Cooper and Lou Reed fame and Road Manager for Question Mark and the Mysterians. She plays keys for the fabulous band Detroit Women.

Kate Hart Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, playwright and actress, put together the Motor City’s most outstanding female vocalist and musicians.

The ladies are all soloists in their own right, range in age from young to “it’s not polite to ask” and come from a wide variety of backgrounds that cover a gamut of blues and R&B styles including swing, Chicago shuffle and Texas romp. Scanning the long list of luminaries that they have performed with reveals notable names like Ike and Tina Turner, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Joe Cocker, Hall and Oats and Etta James.

I received a copy of their latest release 'Sassitude' and played the first track, 'Down in the Basement' while my children were brushing their teeth this morning. Man you should have seen them shake their bootie! They were having the time of their lives, even our two year old was shaking her stuff. You won't be able to hold back too once you spin this Cd, it features a range of solid blues, RnB and soulful stylings of some wonderfully written songs. A CD I'll be spinning on my blues radio programme for sure!

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