28 February 2007

New CD from Blue Collar Band - Hear it in the Blues Room!

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Blue Collar Band are a raunchy, tight 4 to 5-piece Classic hits covers Band portraying a happy Blues, Soul & Rock’n Roll flavour. Consisting of guitar, bass & drums, harmonica and sometimes keyboards - with both strong male and female vocals with full BV’s and harmonies. Many of Blue Collar Band’s covers numbers are re-designed and performed in their own unique style.

The original 4 Blue Collar Band members are : Greer Wilcox, John Ellis, Phil Pritchard and Sheree Wilson, who perform awesome classic hits covers plus down-to-earth Blues and Soul with a touch of good old Rock-n-Roll thrown in when applicable. Blue Collar Band have become well known for their excellent vocals, performing plenty of good old classic hits, driving Blues-Rock, slide-blues, tasteful jazz-blues, and soul. Blue Collar Band’s latest CD release “HEADING SOUTH” is the Band’s 5th release. Only very recently Blue Collar Band met Harmonica player/vocalist Nina McSweeney and were so impressed with her ability, they asked her to assist the Band in appropriate/suitable gigs. She has a natural talent with this awesome instrument as well as vocal, songwriting and keyboard playing skills. Blue Collar Band plan to record a 6th CD, early in 2007 which will include a host of original material written by the members. All members are able to make a worthwhile contribution in this area.

Phil is brilliant with the musical arrangements and has previously played with several famous Bands while living in Australia for 20 years. John has a natural gift as a lyricist as well as being a competent drummer. Greer has now converted to 5 string bass and also plays Hammond organ and rhythm guitar. He too has a few original songs to “throw in the pot”. Greer and Phil contribute BV’s in many numbers.

Sheree joined Blue Collar Band in February 2006 and has added amazing versatility to the Band’s overall sound. She has a powerful Blues & Soul voice and is constantly being likened to Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin. One of the unique, differences of this Band is that the male lead vocalist is also the drummer !

Blue Collar Band perform mostly covers music, but many songs are less commonly thrashed numbers (but still familiar). The Band’s own adaptations and arrangements of non-original material is what they prefer. This way their individual expression can be incorporated in the music.

Look out for Blue Collar Band both around town and around the country - also at most NZ Jazz/Blues Festivals – you won’t be disappointed. The Band’s website is www.bluecollarband.co.nz

Blue Collar Band’s latest CD “Heading South” is available for purchase at gigs.

The Band were undoubtedly one of the most popular at the recent Mission Bay Jazz & Blues Street festival, performing to the largest crowd numbers.

For bookings contact : Greer Wilcox

Phone: O9-4762492 or Mobile : 021-728345

www.bluecollarband.co.nz - email : bluecollar@xtra.co.nz

BCB at the Mission Bay Jazz and Blues Street fest 2007

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