8 March 2007

Black and Tan Records

A label that is just a little bit different from the rest !!

For Jan Mittendorp and the crew at 'Black and Tan' blues is a part of the rich folk-music tradition. Story telling music that was created by artists who wrote and sang their own songs. To paraphrase Big Bill Broonzy when he was asked if he sang folk music, " Well I guess you'd have to call it folk music, 'cause I never heard a horse sing."

At 'Black and Tan' you will find artists that can really sing, write good songs and have a story to tell. The instruments support the lead voice but the voice and the story are predominant because to us, they are the roots of this vital music. So don't expect merely 'guitar heroes' or 'harmonica wizards' on 'Black and Tan'.

It is the goal of 'Black and Tan' to get this great and handmade music to music fans all over the world.

As a small independent label the Internet is a very useful addition to their distribution network. So be aware that all the music of 'Black and Tan' is also available at stores like Amazon or at download sites like Itunes, MSN Music, eMusic, Ourtracks etc.

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