26 February 2016

#525 :: Prince Plays Blues

The Blues Room, 24 February 2016
Episode #525

Prince arrived in New Zealand on 24th February and he played two shows that night in Auckland city. It was his first time performing in New Zealand and both shows sold out within minutes of going on sale. This episode of The Blues Room went to air as Prince was nearing the end of his first show and preparing for his second show at 10pm, the show I went to. While there was no band, no guitar or backup singers with Prince he was nonetheless AMAZING! Here's a tribute show to Prince's great talent on guitar (and vocals, rhythm, groove, artistry, coolness, humor, purpleness, musicianship etc etc). All Prince & All Blues. Enjoy!

1. 5 Women
2. 2 Sisters
3. Purple House
4. If I had a Harem 
5. The Ride 
6. Blues in G with John Nelson
7. Satisfied
8. Midnight Blues


Paul Marques said...

RIP Huge loss to the world.

Nate Ness Monster said...

Totally agree, Paul. A huge loss. He was sooooo talented, so special, so cool, and he'll be soooo missed. We love you Prince!!!!! Rest easy super star.

Graham B said...

I enjoyed these songs Nate, thanks!

Graham B said...

I enjoyed these songs Nate

Graham B said...

Love these song Nate

Graham B said...

Really enjoyed these songs Nate
Moving back to Auckland soon