18 June 2015

#490 :: Interview with Nick Atkinson of Hopetoun Brown (Supergroove)

The Blues Room, 17 June 2015
Episode #490

Nick Atkinson of Hopetoun Brown is our guest on The Blues Room tonight. Together with Tim Stewart these guys were (and still are) the horn section for Supergroove, that catchy funky arty band of the 90s who brought us hits like Can't Get Enough and Sitting Inside My Head.

Hopetoun Brown are on tour and roll into Hamilton this Friday 19 June. Bring your instrument of choice down to the Nivara Lounge on Friday night and be prepared to join in on the bluesy songs at the end of their sets and YOU GET IN FOR FREE!

1. Lightnin' Hopkins - The Howling Wolf
2. Supergroove - Can't Ger Enough
3. Hopetoun Brown - Demanding Blues Free Download
4. Hopetoun Brown - Knitted Into My Bones Free Download
5. Nigel Spiers - The Thrill Is Gone
6. Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble - Shake For Me
7. Taj Mahal - Built For Comfort
8. Howlin' Wolf - Chocolate Drop
9. Howlin' Wolf - Sitting On Top Of The World


Max Coyle said...

Great show Nate, loved it! Looking forward to the gig tonight

Nate Ness Monster said...

Thanks Max! Weren't they awesome Friday night. So glad I went. If you wan to hear some more blues Darren Watson will be on air with me this Wed 24th June and he'll be playing Nivara on 2nd July.

Nate Taiapa said...

Hey Max theres some more great bluesy gigs coming up at Nivara. Be sure to subscribe to Ivan's Nivara newsletter if you haven't already to be in the loop.