1 June 2015

#487 :: Bernie Griffen Interview

The Blues Room, 27 May 2015
Episode #487

Founding member of The Grifters, Bernie Griffen has been front and centre of New Zealand’s music scene for nearly two decades, as long-time and well-loved host of 95bFM’s Border Radio show as well as performer and champion of independent Kiwi music.

A singer-songwriter with a powerful voice full of soul, humour and sadness, Griffen is a story-teller to the core, penning songs about characters real and imagined existing in a world of criminals and saints; dusty feet and wounded hearts. He draws influence from blues, from the country-rock of Gram Parsons and The Grateful Dead, the sharp-tongued lyrical wit of Bob Dylan, the mournful wails of Neil Young and outlaw country singers like Johnny Cash.
I catch up with Bernie on this episode of The Blues Room to talk all about his Hamilton show, music, Higher Ground and much much more.

1. B.B. King - Blind Love
2. Kokomo - World's Most Jealous Girl
3. Bernie Griffen and the Thin Men - Precious Love
4. Bernie Griffen and the Thin Men - Crying Too
5. Bernie Griffen and the Thin Men - Patti Smith
6. Bernie Griffen and the Thin Men - Salvation
7. The Blues Buffet - A Dingo Took My Baby
8. Bert Deivert & Copperhead Run - Baby Please Don't Go
9. Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - Good Looking Woman

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