8 March 2013

The Blues Room # 372 More from Ruf Records for ya!

Heres some more recordings from Germany based label, Ruf Records. Tonight is when the Girls with Guitars comes to Diggers, Hamilton. I caught their second set and so wish I had heard their first set now! That'll teach me for being 'Late Nate'! Above is a picture of the girls (plus drummer) at Diggers! 

Big ups to Simon of Yellow Eye Records and Thomas Ruf for bringing over the girls. And to Joanne Shaw who had to pull out of the NZ, may you and your family be watched over and cared for in your difficult times now and in the future. Lastly, a BIG thanks to Samantha Fish (USA) and Danielle Schnebelen (USA) for keeping the blues flame alight here in NZ for us!!! Go well!

Now turn it up, this is The Blues Room!

Episode 372,  March 2013
1. Samantha Fish - Runaway
2. Louisiana Red and Little Victor's Juke Joint - Ride on Red, Ride On
3. Jeff Healey - I think I love you too much
4. Omar Kent Dykes - No More Doggin'
5. Girls with Guitars - Down in the Swamp
6. Carolyn Wonderland - Misunderstood
7. Coco Montoya - Last Dirty Deal
8. Promo for Santana and Steve Miller Band Ticket Giveaway - Jet Airliner
9. Jimmy Bowskill - Three O'Clock in the Morning
10. Canned Heat - World in a jug
11. Luther Allison - All The King's Horses
12. Big Daddy Wilson - Love is the key
13. Oli Brown - I Can Make Your Day
14. Dani Wilde - Mississippi Kisses

Download link for this episode: 372

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