25 January 2013

The Blues Room # 365 New From David Phillips

New music from David Phillips in this episode, a great Black and Tan recording artist.
Plus some blues I downloaded for FREE from The Blues Blast and The Blues Revue E-Zines. If you have subscribed to these e-zines (and Black and Tan) do so now! Enjoy!
Episode 365, 16 January 2013
1. Blues Revue - Baptised In Muddy's Sweat - Fiona Boyes
2. Blues Blast - Wayne Baker Brooks - I Can Read Your Mind ft. Sugar Blue
3. Blues Blast - Cee Cee Janes - Blood Red Blues
4. Blues Blast - Billy Thompson - A Better Man
5. Blues Revue - Bob Margolin with Mike Sponza Band - Blues Lover
6. David Philips - Big things
7. David Philips - December wine
8. David Philips - Waiting on the rain
9. David Philips - Link in the chain
10. Blues Buffet - Too Nice, Too Long
Download link for this episode: 365

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