18 May 2012

The Blues Room # 330 Soul Shot!!

Heres a real soul shot for you! From some great female Chess recording artists, through to some great soulful guitarists and on to wrap it up with some new soulful tunes from Curtis Salgado, he was the guy who was the inspiration behind John Belushi's creation of the Blues Brothers characters in the late 1970s.

Episode 330, 16 May 2012

1. Sugar Pie DeSanto - Soulful Dress
2. Darcy Perry Band - Soul Of A Man [NZ]
3. Ronnie Earl - I Am With You
4. Etta James - I Wish Someone Would Care
5. Mighty Sam McCain - All We Need Is Love
6. Dave Specter - Soul Serenade
7. Lil' Band O Gold with Robert Plant - It Keep Rainin'
8. Luther 'Guitar Junior' Johnson - Talkin' About Soul
9. Curtis Salgado - Baby, Let Me Take You In My Arms
10. Curtis Salgado - A Woman Or The Blues
11. Curtis Salgado - He Played His Harmonica
12. Ana Popovic - Soulful Dress
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