10 May 2012

The Blues Room # 328 Big Daddy Wilson Rides Our Way

Episode 328, 2 May 2012

This show came together at the last minute! A lot of talking, good talking mind you, but some of you want more music, soooooo, next week, more music less talk! Promise! Anyways, what do you think about those two NZ tracks that start off this episode? Pretty good, huh. Actually, Sean might claim to be from somewhere other than NZ, ha ha, oh well, its my blog so I can claim who I want as a New Zealander, HA HA!! Kidding.

To Simon Vare, if you're reading this: I'm sorry brother. Once again I missed seeing/meeting you while you were in Hamilton. And I missed seeing/hearing Big Daddy Wilson. I'm gutted to say the least. Next time ok, just don't hold your breath!


1. Sean Kirkwood - Next Plane Out [NZ]
2. Steve Apirana - Long Ago [NZ]
Interview with Simon Vare of Yellow Eye
Interview with Big Daddy Wilson
3. Big Daddy Wilson - If You Were Mine
4. Big Daddy Wilson - Way Back Yonder
5. Big Daddy Wilson - Thumb A Ride
6. Big Daddy Wilson - Sweet Tooth
7. Big Daddy Wilson - Brother Blood

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