7 August 2010

The Blues Room# 237 An Evening For Emma Orange

The Blues Room presents ...
An Evening For Emma Orange
Episode 237, 04 August 2010

Emma Orange struggles daily with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy - a pain condition which Emma describes as the worst pain imaginable, its like a fire in her body that never goes out. I get the priviledge of interviewing her and her dad, Julian, in this episode. There is a specail charity gig happening in Hamilton on Saturday 7th August, 2010 put together by Hamilton's Blues, Jazz and Acoustic music clubs to help raise funds for Emma to travel to USA and Mexico to have treatment for this disease. To support Emma, please visit http://ihelpedemmaorange.webs.com/

1. The Homemade Jamz Blues Band - Hard Headed Woman
2. Nasty Ned - Can't Be Satisfied
3. Janiva Magness - Bitter Pill
4. Erick Hovey - Soda Pop Girl
(((Interview with Jullian and Emma Orange)))
5. Johnny Stash - Long Black Train [NZ]
6. The Garage Swing Band - Lover Boy [NZ]
7. The Blues Buffet - Pastry [NZ]
8. Little Johnny Christian - New Life
9. Dave Weld and the Imperial Flames - Burnin' Love


Emma free-loading behind her Dad (Emma has not been able to pedal a bike since 2002)

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Jackie said...

I really wish Emma well with her funding for her treatment. Living with this condition is a struggle and something that no one should go through. I've had it for many years now. I wish I could get the word out to suffers more about the benefits of exercise. Most stop because it's painful... my thoughts are, you're in pain anyway! You may as well continue exercising and not allow yourself to become so disabled... as I see many in wheelchairs etc. I exercise every day. It keeps me mobile, though it's agony, but the condition is agony anyway.

I hope we get follow up from everyone who is doing interviews to see how the ketamine coma treatment works for Emma! Maybe one day it will become something that everyone with this condition can access. At this stage it's beyond the reach of most being so cost prohibitive.

Emma.. keep your chin up hun and keep fighting! :)