16 July 2018

#649 :: Midge Marsden Tribute (11 July 2018)

Midge Marsden is a New Zealand music icon. We pay tribute to him as we look forward to seeing him perform in Hamilton at Nivara Lounge. We've borrowed an interview by Lynn Freeman as she recently caught up with Midge Marsden on Radio NZ. Midge is retiring from the touring scene (or so he says) so be sure to catch him at a venue near you.

1 Midge Marsden - Travelling On
2 Hank Williams Jr - Takin Back The Country
3 Bob Dylan - On The Road Again
4 Midge Marsden - Carry My Blues Away
5 Midge Marsden talks to Lynn Freeman about the homestretch of touring*
6 Dean Haitani - 47 Stones
7 Buddy Guy - End Of The Line
8 Buddy Guy - Milking Muther For Ya
9 Jake Mason Trio - Candy Smack
10 Fabulous Thunderbirds - Horsin' Around
11 Midge Marsden - Move Up To Country
12 Willie J Foster - I Woke Up This Morning

*Original link to RNZ interview. Thank you Lynn and Midge.

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