12 June 2016

We Welcome Fatt Max To The Blues Room

We look forward to welcoming Mark Hill aka 'Fatt Max' to The Blues Room: from the roots to the fruits each month. Fatt Max hails from London but has been playing the blues in NZ for over 18 years. He combines original material with various classics played on both conventional and hand made instruments. He loves all blues music, especially the rare and unusual. This is what he loves to share with his audience. Look out for something different hitting your ears! This week and every third Wednesday of each month from 9pm on Free FM89.0 in the Waikato, and streaming online athttp://www.freefm.org.nz/hear-us and podcast at http://thebluesroom.blogspot.co.nz/

Check out his websites:

Tune in for Fatt Max on these dates:
15 June - Fatt Max
20 July - Fatt Max
17 August - Fatt max
21 September - Fatt Max
19 October - Fatt Max
16 November - Fatt Max
21 December - Fatt Max

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