2 November 2015

New Blues Release From Ronnie Shellist and Friends:: "hangover blues vol.1"

On his last trip out to Chicago, Ronnie Shellist not only got to play some fabulous shows with some amazing players, but he recorded some live songs in Gerry Hundt's home studio. This release, "hangover blues, vol. 1", truly captures the spirit of traditional, yet modern, fresh blues. Of the album, Jerry says:

"I am very proud of the tunes. There are 8 tracks in all, 5 of which all four of us played on, and 3 acoustic tracks with just Gerry Hundt and I. The guys on this recording, are the same fellas that I worked with on all of the shows back in March 2015". 

This release has Gerry Hundt on vocals, guitar, bass, Andy Duncanson (from Kilborn Alley) on vocals/guitar/bass, Ed Kobek on drums. and yours truly on harmonica. I am very pleased to share this with all of you! Hope you enjoy.

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Jordan said...

Really interesting sound these guys have! I'd love to hear more. Thanks for sharing this!