17 September 2015

#503 :: King Leo / Lloyd Spiegel Interviews

The Blues Room, 16 September 2015
Episode #503

Not one but TWO great blues-men feature on this week's episode of The Blues Room. Leo LaDell aka King Leo originally from Virginia, USA now residing in Dunedin, and Lloyd Spiegel hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Both representing the blues splendidly, and each with a different story to tell. Please go check out King Leo's new album, 'Rivival' at https://kingleonz.bandcamp.com/releases and come and see Lloyd Spiegel perform at Nivara Lounge tonight! Enjoy!

1. Fiona Boyes - Mama's Sanctified Amp
2. King Leo - Leave Me Behind
3. King Leo - You Were Taught
Leo LaDell aka King Leo Interview
4. King Leo - Got To Have It
5. King Leo - Break The Habit
Lloyd Spiegel Interview 
6. Lloyd Spiegel - Walk On
7. Lloyd Spiegel - Louisiana Blues
8. Lloyd Spiegel - Lucille
9. Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry

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