4 December 2014

The Blues Room (462) :: Another Hour Of Blues Power With Darcy Perry

The Blues Room, 3 December 2014
Episode #462

Darcy Perry needs applauding. He did this whole show by himself without me by his side as I typically am each time he goes live to air - I was in the neighboring studio prerecording an interview for another show. Considering how tricky it can be to do live to air phone interviews, Darcy pulled it off brilliantly. Well done Super Blues Man! That picture above of Darcy was taken at his live to air performance with his band, hear the full episode here

Kokomo is made up of six musicians, stalwarts of New Zealand's Bay Of Plenty music scene, and each individually accomplished. They have just released their tenth studio album called Bigger Than Brando. Influenced by classic artists such as Bob Dylan and Guy Clark, as well as a host of legendary bluesmen, band leader, Derek Jacombs, wrote all ten songs. His songwriting crosses boundaries to create an unusal New Zealand brand of bluesy alt country.

Darcy Perry catches up with Derek in this episode of The Blues Room to talk all about the new album and Kokomo's show this Friday 5th December at Hamilton's Nivara Lounge.

1. Ella Fitzgerald - Good Morning Blues
2. Chuck Berry - How You're Changed
3. Kokomo - Waiting For A Sunny Day
Interview with Derek Jacombs
4. Kokomo - (No One Was) Bigger Than Brando
5. Jimi Hendrix - Bleeding Heart
6. Coco Montoya - Beyond The Blues
7. Guitar Shorty - Sonic Boom
8. Etta James - You Shook Me
9. Junior Wells - Little By Little
10. BB King - She Don't Move Me No More

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