15 June 2014

The Blues Room # 437 : : Blues Overdose

The Blues Room, 11 June 2014
Episode # 437

Blues Blast Magazine has a monthly feature called the “Blues Overdose” issue with 5 or 6 free downloadable tracks from various artists to help promote their releases.

This is their answer to the print magazine’s free CD samplers given away when you buy a subscription. Difference is they are going to give them away for 30 days as free downloads to their magazine subscribers. (Their magazine is free too!)

A month after publication date they take the track down so no one can download it after that and artists retain all rights to the track. This will help introduce more fans to the new CD to generate more sales.

So bottom line, if you have an original track off your new album that you own the publishing rights on, submit it for consideration in their monthly Blues Overdose issue.

The Blues Overdose issue will be the last issue of each month so the next one will be the last Thursday of this month. They need you to select the track and send it to them in mp3 format at least a week before to be included. They also need the cover art and 2 paragraphs of text promoting the CD/song that you want to include on the download page. Here is a link to a sample expired Blues OD page for an example of what we are looking for: http://www.bluesblastmagazine.com/blues-od-sample/
You can send the tracks, cover art and information to info@bluesblastmagazine.com.
Please contact info@BluesBlastMagazine.com or at 309 267-4425 if you would like more information.
Songs marked with a * in the playlist below are from the May 2014 Blues Blast Overdose issue. 
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We start this episode with a brand new track off a brand new album by a wonderful collaboration between Bob Stroger and Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith, both legends in their own right. Their new album, Keepin' It Together is available now at http://beedyeyes.com/bob-stroger-and-kenny-beedy-eyes-smith-new-cd-keepin-it-together-2014/

1. Bob Stroger and Kenny 'Beedy' Eyes Smith - Born In Missouri
2. *David Vest - Freight Train Rollin'
3. *John McVey - Thief
4. Hat Fitz and Cara - Friday Night
5. Bob Stroger and Kenny 'Beedy' Eyes Smith with Jerry Portnoy - What Cha Say
6. *Gaetano Letizia - The Devil Is A Nice Guy
7. *Billy Pierce & Friends - Take Me Back to the Delta
8. *Planet Full Of Blues - Big Mouth
9. *The Reverend Shawn Amos - (The Girl Is) Heavy
10.* Oz Noy - Blue Ball Blues

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